Monday, August 6, 2007

Dreams Must Die

I find it interesting
that the Lord
has given almost
every young lady

the desire
to be married.
This is a good desire -
a God-given desire.

All the same, marriage is not our ultimate goal.
A husband is not what will make us happy,
and marriage is not what will bring fulfilment in life.

Even young girls of today seem to think that
a boyfriend is what will make them happy.
That a boyfriend will fill the 'missing spot' in their
lives that we so often feel, too.
When we have these unfulfilled longings in our lives,
we often look in the wrong places for help.
Thus, we can spend our entire lives attempting
to have our desires met...
But we'll never be rid of that 'something missing'.
Jesus is the only One who can fill that void in our hearts.
It's sad, but God's thinking and the world's are completely opposite.

As single young ladies, it's important to realize
that a husband won't make us happy.
Nor is marriage a right that God is "suppose" to give us.
It's a gift.
Our purpose in marriage must not be to get, but rather to give.
And while we're on earth, we'll always experience unfulfilled longings.
God intends for these 'longings' to draw us to Himself.
He knows that He's the only One who can satisfy

and complete our hearts.
I find it amazing how patient God is, to wait for us to turn to Him.
He never gives up because of His love for us.
He wants us to know and experience the reality that He is enough.

And surrender is a daily part of the Christian life.
Jesus said to ..."pick up your cross and follow me."
Every day it is important to crucify our dreams and desires,
so that His will and His best will be done.
The Lord will quickly ask us to surrender any possesion, friendship,
interest, career, or dream that begins to take priority.
Sometimes He gives them back, sometimes He doesn't.
His will is infinately better than our dreams.

I like what Sarah Mally says in her book that read:
"If you were asked to die for your faith,
would you be willing to lay your life down?...
I assumed most of us would say we'd be willing to die for Christ,
but it's sad that we're not so willing to live for Christ, ...
Oftimes we're quick to say we'll surrender in the big things...
but when it comes to the little, daily things,
like surrendering friendships, forgiving a neighbor,
or giving up what we want to do in order to serve others,
we're not so ready to submit."

So true.
If the Lord asks us to sacrifice our best to Him,
if He asks us to wait when it seems that every
other girl at church has a boyfriend,
if He asks us never to be married... are we willing?
Any sacrifice to the Lord is not a loss, but a gain.
After all, we are not our own.
We've been bought with a price.

"For whosoever will save His life shall lose it:
and whosoever shall lose His life for My sake shall find it."
Matthew 16:25


Brittanyrose said...


Hopefully the rest of your VBS will go well. I had to help with the 4&5 yo's year before last. It was fun! I'm sure you'll have fun too!

You have a good sense of humer! Those are neat suckers. I have "buck teeth dentures". LOL!


Karen said...

A very wise young woman. I'm impressed with your spiritual maturity!
I know that God has awesome things in mind for you.

Mandy Grace said...

Great post! If we're not content when we're unmarried, then we won't be content when we're married either.

I completely understand about the tag! You're welcome anyway. *grin*

Brittanyrose said...


I saw on your mom's blog about your 'guest'.I bet,(I KNOW) you are glad your dad is home!

The Lord be Magnified,

HsKubes' Gal said...

VBS went very well. I had fun with the little ones.
I can’t imagine what the world would be like without a little humor! My friends, family, and I definately like to 'goof' around.
I’m glad my dad’s home too. And he really adds more humor to our house!

Thank you for your kind words. The encouragement was a real blessing.

Mandy Grace~
Thank you. I’m glad you understand about the tag, and I thank you, again.



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