Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventures In Chemistry...

Oh, yes!
As I'm finishing up this year of Chemistry,
I've been really busy in 'my lab'(a.k.a~ the kitchen).
I thought I'd share a few of my experiments.

This one was doing an acid/base titration...

Titration is the process of slowly reacting a
base of unknown concentration
with an acid of known concentration (or vice versa)
until just enough acid has been added
to react with all the base.
This will determine concentration
of the unknown base. (or acid)

I used ammonia (a base) with some water
and used boiled red cabbage water as my indicator...

The ammonia solution turned green

indicating that it was a base.
I, then, took vinegar (an acid) and
added just enough so that it neutralized the base.
Meaning that if I added just one more drop of vinegar,

the solution would be an acid...

In doing this, the solution turned pink.
(I then calculated the concentraion of our ammonia,

which was 2.4 M.)

Yesterday I did lots of temperature effects on
the solubility of solids and gases.
My personal favorite was the 'Investigation of a
Solute That Releases Heat When Dissolved'.
I put lye into my beaker...

Then I slowly added room temperature water
until the water was about 1 centimeter above the lye...

The reaction?
A huge 'poof'!
And all of the sudden the water started boiling!
The reason is because when lye is dissolved,
it releases heat.
I could go into much more details like why and how,
and what exact reaction took place, but I would have
to fill up a whole page on my blog explaining. ;)

And you just might get a little bored. ;o)

Either way, I had lots of fun!

I hope everyone's having a great week.
I've been very busy, and I'm about to go
grocery shopping with my dad:)
We went on a daddy/daughter date Monday;
went to the mall, Walgreens, and a chinese restuarant.

I'm so glad he's home!


Alesha said...

I love it when you share your experiments with us. :-)

Also, about titrating...that's the word you use for medications, too. If you're working your way off of a medicine, dropping your dosage each week, you are titrating the medication.

I had NO idea what "titrating" was the first time a doctor told me to do that to one of Isaac's medicines. I could have used your chemistry text to help me out that day. :-)

Alesha -

Ron and Ginny said...

Nifty! :-D

Brittanyrose said...

That is neat! I think the only thing I would not like about the first experiment would be the ammonia- blech! The only thing I like about experiments is the 'exciting' reactions. I like adventure! LOL! I'm glad you enjoy it!

So have ya'll started back school? Public school started Wednesday (around here). We started back...ummm... around 4 weeks ago- I think.

Oh well, have a good rest of the week!

In Christ,

Justin said...

Hey, sorry I havn't been on in a while. Been real busy. So how are you and the family doin?

Autumn said...

Looks like fun.
And I bet that you had a blast with your Dad too.

HsKubes' Gal said...

Mrs. Alesha~
I’m glad you enjoy reading my experiments.
Haha, how funny about your titrating medicine.


I can’t stand the smell of ammonia. I had the smell with me all day.
We haven’t started school yet. I hope you’re school’s going well.

I’ve been real busy too. My family and I are doin quite well.

It was lots of fun! My dad and I enjoyed eachother as well.

~ Ally


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