Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is He The One?

(Transferred from my previous blog)
In continuation from my notes from reading
"Before You Meet Prince Charming"...

While many young maidens have chosen not to date,
many of them seem to think

that the 1st man who asks to court is 'the one.'
Just because a young man approaches Father the right way,
and he says that he's 100% sure you're the one!...

doesn't make him the right one.
You must have peace in your mind and heart,
and not respond in fear that there might not be another.
We need to be honest and wise, and if he isn't the right one,
we must tell him no.

When a young man expresses interest in you,
it's quite flattering, and naturally you don't want to hurt him.
But it is neccesary to realize the Satan might offer his "best"
before God brings His best.
And God makes it plain that we, as Christains,

are not to marry an unbeliever.
Because when we get married,
our goal becomes to please our husband.
How miserable it would be to marry a man
who did not want his children in church,
or didn't make decisions based on the Bible.

Yet, while it is very important not to marry an unbeliever,
it's just as neccesary to marry a strong Christain.
Our husband needs the same vision,
commitments, and life purpose we have.
And vice versa.
When wondering if "he's the one",
it's a good idea to list some qualifications he should live up to.

A few qualifications could be*

- Does he have assurance of eternal life?
- Does he faithfully share the gospel with others?
- Is he always truthful?
- Is he commited to never being divorced?
- Does he honor his parents?
- Has he applied diligence in spiritual disciplines
such as Bible reading, prayer, fasting, memorization, and giving?
- Does he make all decisions based upon the Word of God?
- Would you be excited to have him as father of your children?
- Is he diligent in his work and wise in his use of money?
- Is God calling you in the same direction of ministry?
- Does he ask forgivness when he is wrong?
- Is he humble and willing to be a servant?
- Is he kind, thoughtful, and gracious?
- Is he generous with others?
- Does he respond to criticism in a Christlike way?
- Is he willing to stand alone?
- Do you see spiritual fruit in his life?

(* qualifications quoted from the book)

Most importantly, look for fruit in a young man's life.
It's not enough that he just says he wants to serve the Lord,
we need to see spiritual fruit in his life.
It is also important to know if we're ready for marriage as well.
It's good to think 'what kind of godly character traits would
the man I'm looking for look for in a wife?'
Try to come up with ideas and start preparing now.
It's never too late or too early to prepare.

Three words to remember in this area...

"Saved, Separated, and Serving"

"Be not unequally yolked together with unbelievers:
for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrightousness?
And what communion hath light with darkness?"
2 Corinthians 6:14


Kayla Skye said...

Excellent post! You looked like you had fun at the church picnic! Me and my Mom were laughing at that picture of your Mom.
I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for your encouraging comment.

Sheri said...

Outstanding reminder Alexandra! May more young ladies take on the attitude you have about "the one."

And, Sarah Mally is one of my good friends... I wrote an acknowledgment in the front of "Before you Meet Prince Charming." Wonderful book!!!

Kayla Skye said...

I love the picture! Did you add it recently?
Love ya,

Happymama said...

Can't wait for Hannah to read this.

~Mrs. Kristi

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Great post!!!!
Wow!! I didn't realize you had all this neat looking stuff on your blog. I'm going to add your link to my sidebar.

HsKubes' Gal said...

Kayla Skye~
Thank you.
And yes, my mom can be really funny sometimes. But then again, I take after her too.

Thank you. How neat that you personally know Sarah Mally. She signed my copy of Before You Meet Prince Charming. I also noticed your acknowlegment.

I hope it's a blessing to her.

Thank you. And thank you for adding a link to my blog on yours.


Hannah said...

How true! I totally agree with you!
You are a good writer--pracitice all the time!
I want to ask you if you could post a link on your blog to my blog, www.ornaments-of-great-price.blogspot.com. I would have relied by email, by I only have access to you by your blog site.
Thank you again and God bless!
Hannah Simmons


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