Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Post!!

Firmly Fixed on the Father has been my blog for atleast 5 years now. I've learned a lot and had many adventures and tried to keep up with posting about them :)... Now, a new chapter in my life is beginning. The LORD has shown me more Truths from His Word, and I am following Him down a new journey.

So I have decided to go ahead and move! :) ... New title, new theme, new start.
My plan is to keep up with my posting as I head out on a new adventure as the LORD leads me.
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Peace and God bless!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Are We Separating?" ---- Thought from Proverbs

"Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom." -Proverbs 18:1

   The writer of Proverbs is taking the time to emphasize a certain cluase in this verse. When I first briefly read this, my eyes drew to the words "through desire" - in which I took as a great principle of being thirsty and hungry to know more of God's wisdom. But upon re-reading it, I realized I had skimmed over a very essential part.... "having separated himself."
 This caused me to think... am I separating myself? It's great to have a desire and to be seeking God's wisdom and more, but unless I set time aside and separate myself from the cares and busyness of life, that's exactly what it's going to be: a mere desire.
  In college (and any time in life, really), I have found that it's so easy to get in the mundane routine of classes, lack of sleep, work, friends, etc., that our set apart, quiet personal time with the Lord can, sadly, become very minimum. Is the only time I do in-depth studies of God's Truth for a doctrines class? Or am I really setting time aside to beg God to show me new truths from His Word?
   How is my seeking? Have I fallen apathetic in thinking that I've learned all the "basics" of Christian living and God's wisdom? May we strive to set ourselves apart from our life, our cares, and our schedules to alone with God and dig deeper for His wisdom and allow it to become personal.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm Still Alive!... and Am Back to Blogging!!

 WOW! It's been so long I hardly know what to say!
I'm afraid that old myth started coming true,
when Facebook began to get big,
the blogging world began to get smaller.

  I confess I have not set aside the time to blog,
and yet so many amazing things have happened this year!
As of now, I am picking up the pieces and attempting
to start keeping up with my blog again!

  I am still studying Music at West Coast Baptist College.
After many challenging and different circumstances,
choices, and events, I have seen the LORD work amazing
things, provide miraculously, and guide my life like I never imagined!
I am still planning to serve Him in full-time ministry on the mission field.

  Yes, college life is busy, but I am determined to not let that
effect my ability to make the time to blog.
Even if it's just a quick devotional, update, or news,
I'm hoping to atleast keep up with it weekly. =)
(don't totally hold me to that, though..... lol)


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