Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spiritual Kicks...

(the narrative I delivered this morning in Speech class. It's edited to a reader's format.)

I love guns!
Since I was a young girl, I decided dolls were too girly and
started playing secret spy and cops with pretend guns.
I remember the first gun I shot was just a good old rifle.
I was 10 years old and so proud that I missed 1 out of 50 targets.
I just knew that I was born for guns.

 Anyway, on our journey to California from North Carolina,
we stayed a week at my grandparents in Arkansas.
And my Dad had just bought a brand new 9mm gun!
I was so excited, it was “the real cop” gun, and I was gonna shoot it.
 Unfortunately, I figured I already knew everything there was to know about shooting a gun,
So I was kinda tuning my Dad out as he tried explaining how to properly shoot the 9mm.

 Well, a 9mm is a lot different from a rifle. It has a kick.
I didn’t bother heeding that part of my Dad’s instruction.
So I grabbed the gun, got in my cool “cop pose”, kinda goofing off,
pulled the trigger and BOOM.
I was nearly knocked over! I was thinking what in the world?!
To make matters worse, the bullet casing hit my neck
so my first thought was, “I shot myself!!”
And I was even trying to think mathematically how that would work
seeing I was aiming the gun the other way…
anyway, needless to say, I wasn’t shot.

 The problem was how I was holding the gun and how I was standing.
My Dad then went on to explain (for the second time) that you must hold it
a certain way and must have a firm stance to counteract the kick.
After I got serious about it and followed my Dad’s instruction,
the gun’s kick was hardly felt and I had a lot more fun.
And hit my target... not myself... or my Dad.

 A couple days later in my Bible study, I was studying how
Satan is out there to knock us off our feet.
And if we’re not careful to heed our Heavenly Father’s instructions,
we won’t be taking the right stance to remain standing against Satan’s attacks in our lives.
We’ll feel defeated and we’ll never hit our target.
But, if we watch and pray, and heed His instructions, Satan’s kicks won’t knock us down,
we can enjoy the Christian life, and we’ll be sure to hit our target every time.

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