Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Mom - Week 3

Dad and I arrived on campus early,
and I received my dorm and registration packet!
I spent most of the day unpacking and organizing,
meeting my wonderful 2 roommates, and saying bye to Dad.
I enjoyed finding my way around my new home,
and loved hearing the great preaching in chapel.

After chapel, we had to take our English placement tests.
After the results were graded, I then registered all my classes.
It was a busy day running back and forth from everywhere,
meeting great new friends, and lovely preaching!
I also saw a tumbleweed while passing through campus!!

Today I drudged my way up to the finance office.
Payed the current bill due, then picked my mailbox key up.
I then went to buy all of my textbooks.
After the stress of nearly halfing my checkbook,
I relieved it by running my fingers over a piano for an hour!
Another wonderful message at evening service too!

I was free! Yahoo! After chapel there was a job fair.
I applied at Wells Fargo, Bed Bath & Beyond,
and Cornerstone Music Store.
The owner of the music store and I really got along,
and he asked me to come in and set up an interview!!
Nothing else academically or financially to take care of,
so I hung out with all my great new friends & the piano.
We had a BBQ picnic for dinner, then watched hilarious
videos the faculty and staff made!! They had us rolling!

Not much after chapel. Very relaxing!
We all left to Los Angeles for a baseball game at 2!
Here I am with LA in the below!

I found out I love baseball and had a very fun time...

Amy and I
(my roommate)

Rachel and I
(3 dorms apart)

We also had a very fun time in the bus on the way home...

Before soul-winning orientation, I chatted with a new friend
as we shared our testimonies with eachother... such a blessing!
Afterwards, I went to my job interview.
God really provided, as he offered me the job as
his store piano instructor, and partial sales!
Lessons starting at $20 per half hour! YAY!
God has been really good in providing for me,
and is doing wonderful things here at college!


Lori said...

I'm not you mom, but I would be very proud of you, if I were. It's amazing to see how God is working everything out. I'm still praying for all your needs.

Lindsey said...

Ooh, Ally, what a blessing to hear all that God has done during your first week at school... So glad to hear that everything is going so well! You continue to be in my prayers. I also look forward to hearing about all that the Lord is going to do in the upcoming school year! Enjoy this adventure, my friend! :-)

Susan said...

I was there for part of the week, but I still enjoyed reading your review (you will see many, many more tumbleweeds! LOL). I am so impressed with how relaxed and confident you are. I believe you'll do well!

Alexandra said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet and encouraging comments! God is so good and worthy to be praised!

(Mrs.Hutchens... I really REALLY enjoyed meeting up with you and your family! I even run into Andrew occasionally and have a brief chat. Please thank your whole family for reaching out and being a blessing to me!)

HsKubes said...

Dear Ally ~
Have I told you, yet, that I love your Dear Mom posts?? I do.
Love and miss you bunches!
Love, Mama

Alexandra said...

Dear Mom... ;-)
I'm so glad you enjoy these posts! I really enjoy making them! Miss you and love you lots!


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