Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Mom - Week 4


Upon trying to wean myself off my coffee addiction,
I am now down to only 1 cup!! Today was a full day of classes.
I took my first Grammar quiz and got a 99!!
Biology is lots of fun and I just LOVE the science lab!

The new song we're learning in choir is sensational!
It's called "Preach the Word" and we're singing it
for the Educator's Conference next weekend! Fun!
Then spent most of my day studying and reading.

I gave an introduction speech in Speech class!
Last Thursday we had interviewed a partner to introduce today.
We also had a much dreaded Microcomputer Class quiz... bleh!
Chapel was great, as always! :-)

Later we went to the volleyball game, which one of my roommates plays on our college team. WCBC Eagles won!! Yay!

Grammar quiz didn't go so good this time. 80. :-/
My roommate and I later went to the mall applying for jobs everywhere.
We had a great time sitting in the mall couches filling out papers!
Returning back to campus, I auditioned for the drama players this year.
The church service was great that evening about winning souls,
and a friend and I chatted outside afterward while looking
at the different constellations and talking about the message.

We all laughed as our Computer teacher said she wasn't
going to count the test since no one passed!
The test was actually dumb, since it asked about things
we hadn't even covered yet.
My roommates and I sat at the coffee shop studying for a while,
then they did other things while I moved to the lovely couches
in the Revels building to study! :-)

Got a 100 on Grammar! And an 88 in Biology.
The faculty had us roaring in laughter as they entered the stage
for chapel with big Hawaiian necklaces on! (promoting our luau 2morrow)
Dr. Goetsch was funny and not liking it, so after the first song he said he couldn't take that 'useless frivolity' anymore and tossed his necklace into the audience. LOL

After all our classes, I was dropped off at the music store
to meet and teach my first two darling students, Abigail and David.
Here's my little teaching studio...

I had such a lovely time, reorganized the store's books, and came really close to selling a guitar. We went to the student revival that evening, which was great!

I got to sleep in until 7:00!! I really needed that!
And today's my first day with no coffee at all! I'm still awake! (well, kinda...)
We went soul-winning and I had a "silent partner".
I knocked on 18 doors, witnessed to 4 people, and talked to one
lady about baptism who plans to come to church tomorrow!
The Luau we had all been looking forward to has finally come as well!
We had a WONDERFUL time of food, games, and fellowship!
(not to mention, the Hawaiian music was great!)
Here's me, Rachel, and Amy...

My friends, Nicholas and Adam at supper
(we had chicken & pineapple shish-ka-bobs)...

Me and Rachel at the games...

Me and Amy at the games...

Me and Dr. Rasmussen! :-)

Me and Brother Cox! (my Biology teacher)...

The 2010 Annual Luau was such a great and fun experience!
Now I'm off to study some before bed. :-)
Good night, everyone!

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Susan said...

The luau looks like a lot of fun! :) My boys have given me reports of the fun they had, but no pics yet. Dr. R will be one of your best friends at college. He is so good to our sons, and he has already befriended Beth; he's been a real blessing to our family.


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