Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Mom - Week 5

Sorry, the internet is acting dumb, so I
can't add as many pics as I was hoping. :-(

Monday September 20
 I was very happy when I received my
Biology quiz back and saw that I scored a 95,
rather than the 88 I thought I got!
I also got a 100 in my Grammar quiz.
Today my roommate and I went to Wal*Mart
and I happily purchased my much-craved drink...

O yes, I did good!! *Ü*

Tuesday September 21
Today I rejoiced to see that I got a 100
on my Microcomputer Skills quiz!
I also set up another piano student for Mondays.
Some random beautiful scenery around campus caught my eye...

Wednesday September 22
Lots of studying and working on my report.
Tonight, I, along with about 100 other students,
went forward to join Lancaster Baptist Church!
But then I returned to my room and found out
my laptop crashed... with my schoolwork still on it.
Good thing I saved most things to my thumb drive!

Thursday September 23
Today I we gave our narratives in Speech.
After chapel, we all toured Dr. Chappell's
office/study. Then he and his wife personally
greeted us and handed Snickers bars!!
I rushed around and made it just in time for my
interview at Sears, which went great, and we plan
to set up a 2nd interview next week!

Friday September 24
Woke up with a sore throat and today was picture day.
I was running all over the place with my
tight school schedule, pictures, and work.
I also picked out a business card design
my co-worker is making for me... he did a GREAT job!
When I got back, the sore throat turned into
a fever, chills, cough, and tummy ache. :-(
Had to go to bed early and skip out on socializing.

Saturday September 25
I woke up with no fever and felt somewhat better!
I was determined to make it through soul-winning
and had a blessed time promoting our Open House month!
Afterwards, my friends and I went to Wal*Mart to get
a few things, and a small fry from McDonald's. yum yum!
I also finished my 4-page report, finished a page for my
speech file, and did lots of Grammar homework.
Looking forward to being in my Lord's House tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Ally, Love reading about your week.It's such a blessing to hear your doing good in school and teaching music..When your heart and mind is in the Lord you can never "fail" Love and miss you,So thankful for this blog...Have a wonderful week..Looking forwaed to more updates..
grandma Jeannie


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