Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear Mom... Week 1

 Today is exactly one week away from the date I leave for college!
As excited as I am, I'm also sad to be leaving my dear family behind.
I'm particularly going to miss the times I spend with my Mother;
she is my best friend, confidant, counselor, and... well... my Mom!
I'll miss our daily tea times, our daily conversations, and fun times together.

 I know that college life is very busy and can be stressful,
but I do hope to still make time for blogging (and facebook Ü).
Since I've always found time to write a little something in my daily schedule,
I've decided to try to type up my journal/schedule entries at least once a week.
(I plan to add a few pictures or so to each entry!)

 I've dedicated this new series of posts to my Mom,
as a way to keep in touch and to continue sharing my daily life with her.
I'll miss sharing life together in person, Mom, but these posts are for you!
I love you so much!

MONDAY, August 16
Most Mondays are pretty relaxing around the house.
I stared a 20-day devotional challenge called,
"Changed Into His Image" by Jim Berg. I'm just loving it!
I spent a lot of time getting more detailed info about college,
including getting my schedule for the first week.
I also put the finishing touches to my resume.

TUESDAY, August 17
I got up pretty early to clean a lady from church's house.
We hit morning rush hour, so we arrived about 1 hour late! lol
I spent about 4 hours deep cleaning while having little chats
here and there with her. Afterward, we ate lunch together
while in conversation at her table. I went home pretty exhausted!

WEDNESDAY, August 18
Mom took the girls to go grocery shopping,
while I stayed home with my 'lil bro to clean the house.
We had a great time while cleaning, then we shared a bag
of fries for lunch while on the wii and computer. :-)

THURSDAY, August 19
For some reason, I had a pretty sleepless night,
so I woke early (at 5am), and decided to surprise everyone
with cappuccino muffins! While they were baking, I went out
in the cool early morning breeze and had a lovely time with Jesus!
Then I caught up on my much-needed rest with a 3 hour nap.

FRIDAY, August 20
Our traditional homemade sourdough pizza day! :-)
Mom took the girls to Costco while Will and I stayed home.
I planned to do dishes, laundry, sweep, and mop,
but upon opening the dryer and seeing a large load of whites,
I had no time to finish the latter two tasks! lol
Matching socks and folding towels and shirt took about 30 min!
Later, Mom and I made the pizza, and the family gathered around
to watch a movie while enjoying the fresh, hot pizza.

SATURDAY, August 21
I woke up and had to pay the consequence of not setting
the coffee pot last night! Hardly able to open my eyes,
I sat at the kitchen counter with my laptop, waiting for
the coffee to finish brewing. Today we plan to have a couple
from church over for supper, which Dad is making grilled chicken.
He's had it sitting in the fridge marinating for 3 days,
so I'm anticipating it being nice and flavorful!

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