Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Break On Campus!

Due to several things, it happened so that I stayed on campus over most of the winter break. (about a 5 week break!) I learned soon that this was the time that so many fun memories would be made! I've met people I never knew were on campus, and became better friends with those I already knew. The chef, I believe, has been spoiling us with exceptionally good meals! (t-bone steak, homemade pizza, etc...!)
There were some interesting times, tiring times, and just plain wacky times!
(We have many insane videos with proof! lol)
So many things happened, can you believe this... I haven't been taking many picture!
LOL. So I'll just share a few pics and narrate:

One great memory was that Bro.Ferrso asked me one day to be in charge of a group of callers for him! I was honored to be asked and had a wonderful time!
Here I am in my cubicle!...

My friend Stefany and I were definatly having a fun time!...

Upon not knowing if I was able to go home for Christmas (which, I was able to!!), I was sad of the possibility of missing out on all the great holiday decorations, so I went to the store and bought my own little Christmas tree and decorated it for my room and named him "Happy Joy" *Ü*...

Another fun time was when I was in the GA on my laptop, a family playing Uno Attack asked me to join in! It was such a fun time as two more of my friends came along and we got to know this great family!

After going through a whole semester of longing to play basketball, one evening, we finally had our chance to get out on the court!!

One morning, upon talking to my Gramma in the gazebo, my friend came along and we decided to go... on the playground! (Ü)... it was a fun time of swinging, chatting, and feeling like kids again! Getting up on the fun little bridges are one of my favorite parts!...

Finally, yet, I'd say, the best memory yet, was the day it snowed!! Yes! It SNOWED in desert California! As I was relaxing in my dorm one afternoon, girls started running up the stairs screaming, "IT'S SNOWING!!" I looked outside, and sure enough, little light and fluffy flurries were starting to sprinkle down upon us! We ran outside so excited!...

It was so lovely walking to church during light flurries. However, upon walking out from church, the grounds were just covered! It snowed a lot more and was about 3-4 in.!

So after supper, we had the biggest snowball fight you'd ever see! After the fight, some of us went to the gazebo for a time of relaxing and hot cocoa! It was so much fun and a great blessing from the Lord!

It was definatly an awesome winter break! Very relaxing, yet crazy!

God has also been speaking to me alot during break. He's been teaching me many lessons, some of them very painful, but worth the better relationship with Him.
He has been good and has proven Himself over and over again.
He has been so good to keep me going even when I felt like giving up.
Just remember...

"Don't doubt in the night
What God gave you in the light"

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