Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Semester At College...

The end of fall semester was so busy and full!
(hence, the lack of posting... sorry!)
God has been so good in working my life personally, and so many people's around me. There have been wonderful chapel messages, heart-to-heart talks with friends, and great memories. Toward the end of the semester, there were plenty of fun activities!
Included were:
Thanksgiving Break Trip with Ashley
Charlie Brown Christmas Play (by LBS highschool)
Winter Orchestra Concert
Music Majors to the Wall's House (chairman of music)
Valencia Mall / Iceskating Trip
Christmas Banquet

But among many of the special activities,
we were always sure to find time to just "hang out"...
Music Major Fellowship...

Me and Mrs.Wall at their house...

Ashley and I at the GA, waiting for coffee!

Me and my Grammar teacher, Mrs.Dunwoody

Me at the GA with the 'First Lady', Mrs.Chappell

My first semester at college was definatly full of wonderful memories that I will carry with me the rest of my life! I'll be posting about different events individually/in groups within the next few days.
 Lots of pictures coming up!! Be prepared!! LOL


Violinist4Christ said...

That's so exciting! I'll be going to college this fall, so it's interesting to hear of others' first semesters at college. I'm glad it's going well for you!


camieman10 said...

Cool, I'm in your blog! xD
Love the pictures, and you, sis =P


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