Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Mom - Week 6

Today was just a normal Monday.
Running around for classes, studying,
and hanging out with friends.
I was really blessed to have someone buy
me a nice big muffin and a coffee!!
Gotta love the coffee shop!
I also enjoyed "squishing" in the couches while
chatting around and studying...

I listened to my classmate's speeches
in Speech class, which some were pretty funny! lol
I vehemently played the piano today and worked on some theory.
I sadly finished off my 2nd bag of Lime chips,
but my roommate and I 'took tea' together as we did our
Grammar homework (that we were struggling with!)...

I actually caught the beautiful sunrise on
my way to breakfast! So pretty!...

After classes, I worked hard on a speech project;
which is a file containing 10 narratives, illustrations,
poems, and 20 quotes. I'm nearly 1/3 done... bleh.
Here we were before evening service... *Ü*

Today was the first day of our Leadership
and Educator's Conference... which was really good!
The college choir had to meet early, so no sleeping in 4 me.
But we sang "Preach The Word", which we really enjoyed!
We were all really excited about seeing clouds today!...

We hoped for some rain, but never got any. :-(
After some studying, I mostly relaxed outside and
I was able to talk to my Aunt Lisa on the phone. Ü
It was such a blessing to me!

Last sessions of Educator's Conference, and we sang
"God's Been Good" for choir... which I LOOOVE!
After lunch, I was off to teach piano at the store.
My co-worker finished my business cards and they're really nice!
I studied for Biology and worked on some Grammar at work.
We enjoyed a thunderstorm and I was SO excited to feel rain!
The sunset was just gorgeous as I sat out and watched it...

We went soulwinning early this morning, came back
and I enjoyed a yummy muffin from the store! Ü
At 1:00 our dorm had a picnic at the park,
which I just got back from a little while ago.
Here's a pic of me and a friend down the hall...

Looking forward to being in God's House tomorrow!
It's Round-Up Sunday with a Wild West stunt
and a chili-cookoff... can't wait!!! :-)

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HsKubes said...

I loved reading about your week's details. ;o) What a lovely sunset that was, too! We love and miss you bunches!

Love, Mom


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