Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Mom : Lately Around Campus...

Sorry I haven't posted my regular posts lately.
The past two weeks have been extremely busy!
Last week was the hectic week of midterms,
which I got A's on all but one... B in Computer.
Here's Abby and I before taking OT midterm...

On Thursday, before the last day of midterms, a friend cut
my hair and 3 of us took off to chaperone a girl at work.
So we hung out at Panera Bread for 7 hours.
We also took off shopping, eating at Chili's,
and getting a yummy treat at Coldstone!
It was a nice relaxing evening of just girls,
studying, (and going on Facebook again!!)

After the long and studious week, we got a group
together on Saturday to relax and hang out at the Oasis...
left2right - Ashley, Renee, Cameron, Reuben, Me
We played Catch Phrase and Guesstures,
enjoyed ice cream and soda, and enjoyed kicking back
and just goofing off (without worrying about tests!!)...
Then I played Ashley and Gabriel to a game of carpetball...

Earlier this week, we had a wonderful day of
scattered thunderstorms and pouring rain!!!
It was such a blessing to hear thunder, see clouds,
feel and smell rain, and see a gorgeous rainbow...
This was so big, it literally arched all the way
over campus and you could see both ends of it!!
(But I couldn't snap the whole thing.)

Yesterday, Ashley and I were challenged to learn
how to tie a tie... the reward... $1!! (bought a candy bar!)
Needless to say, after much trial and error,
I finally got down a half windsor! *Ü*
After supper, a few of us hung out at the cafe
studying and chatting around.
Abby and Steve looked at Bill Rice Ranch flyers and
I was helping Markus write his Theology project...
left2right - Markus, Me, Steve, Abby
Tomorrow after soulwinning, I'll be headed to my
English Teacher's party at her house!! Yeah!
Then I get back and babysit for a sunday school activity.
Next week's classes are only 25 minutes each! Fun!

Sunday starts our annual Missions Conference,
and I am really excited and can't wait!! *Ü*Ü*Ü*Ü*


MaMa's Southern's Abundant Homeschool said...

Hey, sounds like you are having a great time! I think you may be babysitting for my Sunday School class activity... True North??
Too bad my kid will not be in there!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pics,you look great!! and good to see many friends you have..Great job on your exams...
May the Lord be with you,even in good times..Praying for you always.

Anonymous said...

You look like you're having a great time! I found your blog through your mom's, and I think it's very encouraging to college aged girls such as myself. I'm just really curious after reading your post, what is the purpose/how do you chaperone somebody at work? I'm interested because I've never heard of that before, only chaperoning at boy/girl get togethers. Thanks, have a great day!

-Jen from Michigan


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