Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Mom...

Sorry, I had a REALLY busy week that I forgot most of what I did.
I also didn't take ANY pictures, so this one is just short and sweet.

Monday, October 4
 Today was a dreaded English test.
The teacher let us out early and she baked us yummy cookies!
I also got to talk to my sister on the phone as it was her birthday.
I spent the day studying, going to work, and hanging out. Ü

Tuesday, October 5
 Normal classes. Speech, Computer, & Intro to College.
Had a quiz in MicroComputer class and think I failed it. Bleh.
Prepared for mid-terms. My mind honestly draws a blank for the rest.

Wednesday, October 6
 Today classes were cut so we could go out door-knocking
for our Open House Sunday at church on the 10th.
My friends and I hit 66 doors! PTL.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing, piano-ing, studying,
and keeping in touch with friends and relatives.
Thursday, October 7
 We were told the date of our Bible Memory speech... next week.
So I picked a passage after having a great "preaching" conversation
at breakfast with a group of friends... and Mrs. Weaver. :-)
In Computer class we started with Microsoft Publisher... me no likie.

Friday, October 8
We had a fun mid-term prep quiz in OT Survey and finished early!
My friends and I studied in Revels & one treated me to a coffee! 
Then I had a Biology quiz and only missed 1 question!
I taught piano, started a new 5 year old student, and went to
the post-office and thrift store to find a nice coat and shirt.
I attempted witnessing to my co-worker but he was very closed.
I am continuing to pray for him and work with him.
I got home and was blessed to be an encouragement to a dear friend. 

Saturday, October 9
 Today I went soulwinning in with Brother Lester's SS group.
After knocking out 70 doors, we were treated to In & Out Burger!!
I came back to study for mid-terms, play piano, fellowship,
and have a wonderful dinner of BBQ ribs!!

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