Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Mom... Missions Conference Week

Today began our annual missions conference at church.
We support over 200 missionaries and just took on 20 more!
Classes during the conference are only 25 minutes long!
Here's some random pics...
A typical day at lunch in the dining hall!

Me & Brett
(we found out that our moms have known eachother online
for a while! I also am friends with his Mom on FB! LOL)

Me & Bryan
(some think we look like bro. & sis. lol)
At my dorm, we had a movie night watching "Parent Trap"
or "Beauty and the Beast"... but I was sleepy & went to bed.
Here's me and my "dorm soup", Dana:
(what we call the dorm supervisors)

Today was a WONDERFUL day at Missions Conference!
In the morning chapel service, Dr. Don Sisk spoke
on surrendering our lives to the Lord and living by faith.
I went forward and completely surrendered every area
of my life to the LORD and commited myself to Missions giving.
This evening the choir sang "Faces", which nearly makes
me cry every time I sing it! Today was a great day!!

After classes and such, I went to a session about
"How To Win Moslems To Christ"... VERY good!
My friend and I talked about it afterwards and
we both just felt like going soulwinning!
I also got to hear of several friends surrendering to
foreign mission fields, and to the Moslem people.
Here's a random picture of my friend, Lea, and I:

Today classes were back to normal 1 hour times.
O well, had a great time anyway!
Today was the last Home game for our Eagles
volleyball team, and we ever so sadly lost. :-(
I also went to football intramurals with a friend
and we were studying during the first 3 games.
(I had to memorize all 48 prepositions for a
Grammar quiz the next day! AHHH!)
I was freezing cold and had to go to bed at 11:30,
but intramurals lasted until about 2am!!!

Today was FULL of fun!! I got a 100 on Grammar quiz!
We also arranged a 'surprise' birthday celebration
for my friend Adam at the Great Awakening Cafe...
left2right - Franklin, Johnathon, Me, Steve
left2right - Nicholas, Adam (his b-day!), & Johnathon

Cameron & Brett goofing off!

Me and Abby :-)

Saturday was our anuual Harvest Festival at church,
and I was working with the soccer game.
Afterward I enjoyed cotton candy, hanging with friends,
and going to bed early and sleeping in late!! Yahoo!

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Susan said...

I see my boy Andrew in the back left corner in your first picture! That was fun!

Our older son was really blessed during missions conference. The things he told us about were a blessing to us, too. Glad you're a part of such a great ministry!


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