Monday, February 8, 2010

Young Maiden's Daybook - February 8

February 8, 2010

Outside my window…

Very bright and very cold!!

I am thinking…
Of how good the Lord is to me.
He's blessed me with a wonderful Christian family,
salvation, a good church, and a personal relationship with Him!

I am thankful…
For the great privilege of prayer.
"...pray to thy Father which is in secret;
and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

I am wearing...
A blue knit skirt and orange/tan collared shirt.

I am reading…
Proverbs, Isaiah, Matthew, 1 Corinthians;
"Fascinating Truths" by James Knox
"The Lost Cause Series" by James Knox
"Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris

I am creating…

A book that I've been praying for 5 years about writing
(Falling In Love With Jesus);
maybe a few Valentines "gifties";
and (hopefully) more things to make for
my etsy shop.

One of my favorite things…
Coloring with my little sisters.
I love to spend time with them and build sister memories!

For education this week…

Praying a lot for wisdom and for the Lord to direct my life.
Brushing up on Grammar & vocabulary.

Studying deep in God's Word and writing my book.

A keeper at home skill I am learning/using...
I'm actually getting up earlier now! (with the exception of today)

A spiritual lesson I'm learning...
My plans aren't necessarily God's plans for me.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…
Staying in prayer and more Bible studying.

Scripture I am memorizing…
Well, I'm not sure. I think I may spend some time reviewing.

I'm praying for…
The Lord to guide and work out a new situation;
The Lord's guidance through my life;

That He would show me His Truths from His Word,
and help me to be forgiving and have grace toward others.
Also praying that He sends more missionaries to
the much needed country of Greece and the rest of the world.
And for some missionaries I know in Greece to
raise the money to start an Independent Baptist Church there.

For the rest of the week…
Post something; cleaning the church with Stephani Friday
while the children have a Keepers At Home meeting;
preparing for Valentines Day;
having a Valentine's 'tea party' with Stephani on Friday;
writing and studying more for my book;
responding to some letters, comments and email
spend extra time with my wonderful Savior;
and whatever else the Lord sees fit to send my way.

A picture I'm sharing...
Our dog gazing out the window comfortably...

Have a great week!

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