Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Move And A Change...

As I have mentioned in a few posts about a 'recent situation',
the Lord has given us an official answer that I may now share!
I am amazed how He is clearly guiding my footsteps
and revealing His will to me about the next step in my life.
Here's the story:

Last year when I graduated, I did not feel the Lord calling me to college.
So for a while, I had been planning on preparing to be a missionary
through internships with other missionaries and going to Camp BIMI.

However, a few months ago, I started to not have peace about not going to college.

I felt the Lord may have been calling me to go, but I really didn't want to!
I was praying hard asking that His will would be shown to me clearly,
and that if it was His will for me to go to college,
that He'd make it unmistakably known to me.

As I briefly reviewed some of the Bible colleges around,

I didn't feel right about any of them.
The only Christian college that I felt the Lord wanted me to go to ,
if I went to college, was located all the way across the country in the state of California.
Upon mentioning it to my parents, they concluded that it was just too far away.
So I figured that was the answer and the Lord must not want me to go.
I handed the situation over to the Lord and told Him that if
He really wanted me to go to Bible college,
He'd have to move our whole family to California!

I figured I was 'safe' since that wasn't even an option for my dad's work.

Well, a few weeks after praying that, Dad said he was getting orders,
which we had anticipated being local.

But he said that the orders were not as he expected; they were for California!
I couldn't believe such an answer to prayer and such specific guidance!

The Lord has closed the door to my original plans, and has opened a door for His will!

We received the official orders last week and have about 2-3 months.
I have looked at the college and am beginning
to prepare for majoring in Missions.

I just thought I'd share the story of the Lord's working in my life!
I have been learning a great lesson about how the Lord will reveal His will to us,
and that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with Him!
God is so good and worthy to be praised!

"For with God nothing shall be impossible."
~ Luke 1:37


Lindsey said...

Wow, Ally! What an amazing story! It's so incredible the way that the Lord works --- even when we don't realize that He is! Praying for you and your family as you prepare for this move, both physically and spiritually!


Lindsey :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Our God is truely wonderful. I love this post, because it takes us from your uncertainty to the certaintly of what the Lord would have you to do. Praise God!

Brittany said...

Hey Ally!

I'm so excited for you!! Although I'm sad you'll be moving away from us:(

♥ -Brittany


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