Monday, August 31, 2009

Young Maiden's Daybook - August 31

August 31, 2009

Outside my window…
Gloomy and rainy-like.

I'm glad to get a break in the heat!

I am thinking…
Of meals for the kitchen menu.

I am thankful…

For the Lord's precious Word.

It's like cool, clear water in a desert!
So refreshing and encouraging to read.

I am wearing...
khaki skirt and button up shirt

I am reading…
2 Chronicles, Psalms, Proverbs, Ezekiel, Mark, Titus;

"A Heart For God" by Dr.Paul Chapel

"Waiting For Her Issac"

I am creating…

Christmas gifts for everyone.

And cds of music arrangements I made.

One of my favorite things…
A nice, encouraging talk with my Mom.

She is so wise and I look up to her greatly.
The Lord really uses her in my life in a great way.

For education this week…

"homecollege" a.k.a Daughter at Home University =)
preparing to be a Keeper at Home, for the mission field,
and studying Bibliography, Theology, & Christology.

Also getting fluent in Modern Greek.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning...

Motherhood skills.

A spiritual lesson I'm learning...
That the Lord saw fit to give me life on this earth,
and if I spend my time for myself and my own desires
rather than His will, I've missed the whole purpose of being created.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…
Submission to those in authority...

I admit, it does get harder (yet even more essential)
when in the stages of young adulthood!

Scripture I am memorizing…
"But shun profane and vain babblings:

for they will increase unto more ungodliness."
2 Timothy 2:16

I'm praying for…
Wisdom for descisions in my life,

as well as help as I'm going off my medication.
(The dr. thinks my hyperthyroidism may be turning into hypo-)

For the rest of the week…
Grocery shopping today,

keeping up the house; busy crocheting
and preparing for my business as I hope to start soon;
preparing for Christams gifts, recording more of my
piano arrangements onto cds, getting around to writing
some companies asking permission for my friend and I
to use some of their songs to make our 1st CD we plan to sell,
getting around to posting something else besides a daybook post =),
respond to some comments and emails,
spend extra time with my wonderful Savior,
and whatever else the Lord sees fit to send my way.

A picture I’d like to share...
A picture of the majestic mountains as we drove through Virginia.
Mountains always make me stand in awe of the God who formed them!

"Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world,
even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God."
Psalms 90:2

Have a great week!

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HsKubes said...

One of my favorite things is talking with you, too. ;o)
I love you, Honey!

Love ~ Mom

God's Been Good said...


I love your blog! It is great to meet like minded Christians! Keep up the great work! I found you off of IFB, KJV young women's directory. I'll be stopping by again!

God's Been Good!


Kiki said...

Hi! Today's my first day. Sorry if the picture doesn't link to your page I don't know how to do that...

Alli said...

One thing first, I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! So feminine!!!! Who did it?

Sorry I didnt get around to my daybook this week. I got grounded.

I see the you are preparing for the mission field. After watching a video in church earlier this week. i have been thinking of how many people are lost in the world. I am planning to be going out in the mission field, too.

Is there any sites, blogs, tips that you can give me? This year I am taking Christian Growth for my first semester, and Intro to Missions for my last.

I live in NC too. But not near the beaches.



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