Monday, December 1, 2008

The Week Gone By...

Last week sure was a busy one.
As I mentioned in the previous post,
we watched Mrs.C's children as she and Mr. were out of town.
They were gone from Thursday to Saturday.
It was interesting having 3 dogs in the house
They enjoyed the sleepover as well... :o)

Here are Stephani and I reading my latest
issue of Taste of Home...

We spent a lot of our time crocheting for Christmas.
I'm finally finished with almost all of my crocheting!
Only a few more things are left...
but I can't post pictures until after Christmas :)
I can post a picture of me sewing on the crocheted
poinsettas to the treeskirt I made mom last year...

I just finished it and am very happy!
I can't wait to use it!

This Wednesday we had a Thanksgiving Service at church.
Stephani spent the night Tuesday
so we could make desserts together.
It was a great time of food and fellowship...

Also, I was 'swept off my feet' in line...

Daddy was being so sweet,
as he knew I was having a hard time getting
around and standing... so he decided to carry me!

We ended up staying pretty late at the fellowship,
chatting and goofing off some...

Stephani with the camera...

Me, after she messed up my hair...

Thursday we went to our friends' house for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mr.C grilled ham and Mrs.C made the turkey.

We brought along some sides and such.
While there, Stephani and I crocheted more :)

Here are the children enjoying the food...

Stephani and I decided to eat while enjoying
the wonderful weather...

Later on, the dads made a fire outside...

Also, this past week, I went back to the doctor
and she put in a referral to see a cardiologist and
a rhuematologist... answers to prayer!
We've been hoping to get me into those
for the past 2 years and pray they may figure something out.

Saturday mom and I spent most of the day sewing
everyone's matching Christmas clothes.
This year we chose red snowflake fabric.
We finished all of the girls' dresses.
Will gets a bowtie and dad gets a tie.
We plan on taking family pictures this week.

Thank you all for understanding the busyness.
I hope to post a little more regularly after Christmas.
Next Sunday is our 10th annual

Carolina Christmas Pig Pickin' at church.
The week after is our sacred Christmas music concert.
Then I'll, likely, be offline for a week or two around Christmas.
So I plan to be very busy the next few weeks!
I'll try to post where I can :)
(Especially on my other blog :)

"The LORD is merciful and gracious,
slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy."

Psalm 103:8


Lexie said...

It looks like you have had quite a week and another fun week coming up.

Handmaidenalli said...

Wow! I loved the pics. The impression, that you gave after you got your hair messed up, was funny. I loved the poinsetta tree skirt you made.


Autumn said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I can't wait to see all of your projects! I am crocheting a blanket for my fiance.

I enjoyed all the pictures!

Handmaidenalli said...

You have been tagged! Go to this link for the rules:

Have a great day!

Brittany said...

Hey Ally!!!

Long time, no comment, eh?


Thanks for your comment. Well, I taught myself to play the guitar. (I think when I was around 10) But I didn't actually get a guitar till a couple weeks ago. I just used one of my dad's guitars. That will be fun to play together!!

Love you lots, and hope you feel better!!!!


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