Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Week In Review...

I would say that this time of year is so busy,
(sewing Christmas gifts, doing schoolwork, etc...)
but it seems, too, that busyness is just life.
I thought I'd share some of the highlights
of our busy weeks ..

We've been seeing our deere friends often lately.
Stephani spent the night last Friday
and I spent the night this past
(since Dad and Mom went to the ball).

We've enjoyed singing, crocheting,
chatting, schoolwork, and more together.
My birds enjoy having company too...

Puff enjoyed settling in her hair :-)

This Tuesday, Dad took us
pawn shopping!
I was on a search for a new guitar,
so he took her and I out.
Thankfully, I did find a good one!
It was very nice, brand new,
and within the stretch of my wallet :)!
I even got the manager to go down $25...

It's a Kona.
It was an answer to prayer that I was able
to get such a good one so soon.
Stephani and I sing for church tomorrow,
so I was hoping to get a new guitar to sing with.
My other one was old, wouldn't hold a tune,
along with various other problems.

This Monday we went to the park to grill out
with some friends from church...

The children had fun playing...

The dads later took them out on the canoe...

I much preferred to stay on land, though...

Who could resist holding a baby??

I mainly chatted with the moms
but did get some Literature done...

It was a nice time of fellowship,
especially since the weather is cooling down
and turning into my favorite season... winter!
I do enjoy all the signs of the coming season...

My parents went to the annual Marine Corps ball this year.
My mom made her ball gown...

She also made a regency coat to go with it.
I did her hair :)

Lately, I've been doing a lot of crocheting.
I've so much to do for Christmas presents!
I made a list of what to make for my family, friends, etc...
And still have to finish sewing on poinsettas to my
mom's crocheted Christmas tree skirt I made her.
(When everything's sewed,
I plan to post everything I've made!)

This week will be quite busy as well.
As Mrs.C is going out of town next weekend,
her children will be staying at our house... :-)
Wed-Sun is a sleepover I'm looking forward to!

Before I go, I thought I'd share this picture.
This is my Mom and I at the park...

I thought it funny that, in a way,
we kind of look like sisters! :)
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh, yes, I also have posted on my OTHER BLOG ;)


Anonymous said...

I Love all your pictures you've taken,Gods creations and of Gods blessings. You and your mother do look like sisters, How beautiful you both are outwardly and inward,you both have blessed me with pictures and writings. I love and miss you.
Grandma Jeannie

Handmaidenalli said...

Sound like you had fun this last couple of weeks. I love the pics.

Oh, your mom looks beatiful in that dress. Excuse me of my spelling.


Lexie said...

Looks like someone had fun!

Amanda said...

Hi Ally ~ It looks like you've been doing well! You and your mom really do look like sisters! People say that about my mom and I every so often. :-)

Have a blessed day,

Handmaidenalli said...

Hey, I've got something waiting for you at my blog!



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