Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sleepover Fun and Finished Projects

Yesterday, friends came over for our
Friday Pizza Night and they spent the night.
We spent some of the time during the day
cutting out fabric for some quilted pillows
we are making for the ladies at church.
We started sewing some last night while my other friend

was having fun using her new art set...

We stopped after a while to make lemon bars :)

And this morning we finished them up...

We had a bit of fun with the fluff!

LOL! It's great to have friends you can be yourself around!
Here are the finished projects...

Hope you all have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow.


Three Sisters Blog said...

It looks like you had a fun sleepover! The pillows are so pretty!

Lydia said...

Nice pics! The pillows are very pretty!

Mandy Grace said...

It looks like you had fun! I like the colors of the pillows you made. And lemon bars sound yummy. I may have to make some of those myself. :-)


Kim said... turned old on me with all of that "white"

Amy said...

I am a ten year-old girl. I saw your blog through a link from your mom's blog, who I found because of her giveaway!
I was just looking throught your posts, and I really liked the baby blanket, and the dress was really good! I like the "wigs" made out of fluff! Very creative!
I made my self a book bag that I will be posting pictures of on friday. It was my first book bag ever, and it is pretty good!
I am adding your blog to my links,
Come and visit my blogs at,

Amy said...

Hello again.
I am the ten year-old girl that just commented. My mom wants to know if you have a pattern number for your dress.
You did a VERY good job!

Anonymous said...

I have always known you have all the wonderful qualities of your grandma,and intellagence of your mother,and now you have your very own "nitch""crazieness,but a good crazy I love it and Yes it is good to have Good Friends,Love you always

Kayla Skye said...

Wow, the pillows came out really nice! It looks like you had a fun sleepover!

The Sisters said...

We enjoyed the Pics The Wigs were to funny! lol... The pillow's turned out beautifully! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Amy/BookLover/Buttons said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment! I saw that you used to have ablog on HSB!
I hope that you don't mind me asking, but what made you move?
I just love your blog here os much! I think that you are very pretty!

Skye said...

Oh, I totally understand! It just isn't "safe" to post your email address. But please don't feel obligated or anything like that! If you don't want to email me I totally understand! ;-) And you can just say so.

Anna Naomi said...

Great job on the pillows! That's a good idea, and they look easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

The pillows are pretty! Looks like yall had fun making them!

Lele said...

Your site is so nice! Your pillows are so cute, it looked like you and your friend had fun making them. You guys did a really good job! I hope we can become bloggy friends!

Have A Great Day!


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