Monday, September 10, 2007

He Went A Little Further...

Sometimes we are
content just not
going to hell.
But shame on us!
We need to want to

be one of His disciples,
and want to follow Him
wherever He leads.
We are, as Christians,

commanded to follow His steps.

For us, Jesus was

betrayed, mocked,
beaten, and whipped horrendously.
But did He stop there?

He went a little further.
He picked up a cross,
and walked all the way to Golgotha.
He could have stopped there,

said it was enough,
and ascended into heaven.
But He didn’t. He went even further.
He was nailed to a cross to hang there,

our sins were poured on Him, and He was forsaken by God.
But He didn’t stop there! He went further still.
He gave up the ghost and was put in a tomb.
He didn’t stop there, praise the Lord!
He rose and lives forever now, but He’s
going even further and is
coming back for us!

Now the least, the very least we could do

is go a little further for Him.
Let’s become what Jesus saved us to be.
Many of us tend to agree to serve and

surrender only parts of our lives.
We draw a line and say “That’s as far as I go”

or “I’m staying where I am”…
but the best joys, God’s best blessings,

and the best of our lives is right over that line.
We are never completely happy

unless we surrender everything to Jesus.
5 points to going further for Him were listed:

1. We must be willing to go alone.
It’s easy when others go, and if we obey, others may follow us;
but we still must be willing to go alone.
God’s waiting for us to come to Him,

love Him more, and surrender all.

2. We must be willing to humble ourselves.
Do you want to be like Jesus?
Gotta humble yourself!
He was made a bondservant;
a happiness and a blessing comes with serving Jesus and others.
There are hundreds and thousands of lost ones

waiting for us to humble ourselves.
God won’t fully bless us unless we’re willing to humble ourselves.

3. We must be willing to pray “Thy will be done.”
The motto of the Christian life!
‘Ordinary’ Christianity isn’t it.
We must be seeking and willing to do what the Lord wants.
“And he went a little further, and fell on his face,

and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible,
let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will,
but as thou wilt.” verse 39.
Nothing more or less than His will.
The happiest place is in God’s will.
God’s will is perfect and wonderful!
If we go one step toward Jesus, He’ll take you all the way.
Let Him know, and He’ll guide you through.

4. We must try to encourage others to do the same.
When a person truly loves Jesus,

they naturally encourage others.
We must stand up and lead somebody else.

5. We must be willing to stand in the face of the enemy.
And Jesus said unto him [Judas], Friend…”
Our heart needs to stay stirred.
We should be saying “I don’t care what comes.
I’ll be faithful and take another step.”
Jesus is our example and motive.
We mustn’t be willing to die someday for Jesus
if we’re not willing to live for Him.
It’s time to go a little further.


Anonymous said...

Wow, excellent post! I love the last part,
'We mustn't be willing to die someday for Jesus if we're not willing to live for Him.
Thank you!

Ron and Ginny said...

Thanks. I needed that. :-D

Kayla Skye said...

Dearest Ally,
Do you think you could Email me your email address if your Mom says yes? And if YOU want too1 ;o) Please don't feel obligated, or anything!
~Kayla Skye

Vanessa Lynn said...

Yes, I have RSD. Thanks for praying, it isn't easy, but I am sure you know that, living with chronic pain ((hugs)).

You are also in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for all your comments, you are so sweet! :)

Brittanyrose said...

A very good post! Much needed encouragement for Christians today!

Love ya Sis~


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