Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Ribboned Dress...

Last night we purchaed and washed some fabric
that I've been wanting for a while.
This morning I set my alarm for 7:30,

and put it across the room so I'd have to
get up in order to turn it off,
(a tip I've learned from a friend:)
but somehow I was in too deep of a sleep to hear it.
So I awoke at 8:45 and started cutting out my dress at 9.
I just finished it a few minutes ago and thought I'd share.

It was the first dress I added ribbon to...

I added the ribbon to the sleeves, the bottom hem,
and used it as my tie.
I, also, finally added pockets to one of my dresses!
Mom always sews pockets in hers and tries to convince me
that they're worth the extra work... so I tried it.
They are pretty handy!
I'm glad I was able to finish it so I could
wear it to church tomorrow.
Mom also worked at tracing a pattern
and cutting a dress for herself.

Tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to
be getting the effects of a 'sub-tropical storm'
in the Atlantic Ocean. We sure could use the rain.
Well, turkey is for supper and I'm hungry!
Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.


Ron and Ginny said...

What a beautiful dress and you did such a good job! :-D

Autumn said...

It is so beautiful! I love the color, and the ribbon on it really makes it look a lot different than all of the other dresses you have sewn recently. I really like it. You did use the same pattern, right?
I have a question for you. On you profile, you say that you are, "surrendered to the will of my King to be a missionary's wife." What exactly do you mean by that?
Have you had an arranged marriage to a missionary, or are you just hoping to meet a missionary and marry him? I'd love to find out, but if this is a personal question, then I completely understand!
God Bless,

Anna Naomi said...

Great job, again! =) I really like the look of the ribbon - I hadn't thought of doing it, but it's really pretty so I may have to try it! I also like the color; purple is so lovely!

Pam said...

Very nice touch Ally. Great job! I sure would love to have a bite of that turkey right about now! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Wow a pretty dress on a pretty girl. i really appreciate the standards that you and your family have taken.

David said...

hey there, thats a beautiful dress. yea pockets are really handy, i don't think i could live without them. TURKEY, oh man that sounds good. God bless you.

Brittanyrose said...

Hey Alexandra,
That color goes well on you! I never did think of putting ribbon on any of my dresses...I don't know why. I guess it's just one of those things that...just doesn't 'click'. "Oh, you can put a ribbon on a dress you sew." Know what I mean? Oh well...

Love you sister,

PS. The bad thing about this is that you can't edit your comments...or maybe it's not an option for me...don't know.

Brittanyrose said...

Oh, I saw on your sidebar that you had a 'visitor' from SC. :-) I wonder who that could be? LOL...


Kim said...

oh, what a pretty dress! The ribbons make it look so cute. :)

Have you guys ever deep-fried a turkey? I've never had one, but I hear it is really good.

The Sisters said...

You did a great job on your dress!
Thanks for the comments you have left on our blog! Have a great week!


Kayla Skye said...

Hi Ally, this is Shereen, Kayla's mom. We're trying to figure out why she can't seem to get her comments to go through on your blog. Please ignore this "test". lol ;0)

Shereen said...

Thanks, we figured it out, obviously. For some reason when she typed her blog in, it would reject it. Now she can start commenting again. I know she missed it. By the way, your dress came out great. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I love your dress, great job!!,Sorry I didn't comment sooner,but my computer was down.You are so very talented Ally,I'm so very proud of you and thank the Lord for you, you encourage me through all you do. I Love and Miss you so much.
Grandma Jeannie

Jessica said...

The dress is very pretty! I've always wanted to be able to make dresses. I can sew splits, and buttons, hem my dad's pants, and things like that. But I've never learned how to make clothes. :(

Miriam Rebekah said...

Good job on the dress! I have that same dress out that exact same fabric. Isn't that hilarious?
Except I have an alternating color for my sleeve end and sash.


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