Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Mom : Lately Around Campus...

Sorry I haven't posted my regular posts lately.
The past two weeks have been extremely busy!
Last week was the hectic week of midterms,
which I got A's on all but one... B in Computer.
Here's Abby and I before taking OT midterm...

On Thursday, before the last day of midterms, a friend cut
my hair and 3 of us took off to chaperone a girl at work.
So we hung out at Panera Bread for 7 hours.
We also took off shopping, eating at Chili's,
and getting a yummy treat at Coldstone!
It was a nice relaxing evening of just girls,
studying, (and going on Facebook again!!)

After the long and studious week, we got a group
together on Saturday to relax and hang out at the Oasis...
left2right - Ashley, Renee, Cameron, Reuben, Me
We played Catch Phrase and Guesstures,
enjoyed ice cream and soda, and enjoyed kicking back
and just goofing off (without worrying about tests!!)...
Then I played Ashley and Gabriel to a game of carpetball...

Earlier this week, we had a wonderful day of
scattered thunderstorms and pouring rain!!!
It was such a blessing to hear thunder, see clouds,
feel and smell rain, and see a gorgeous rainbow...
This was so big, it literally arched all the way
over campus and you could see both ends of it!!
(But I couldn't snap the whole thing.)

Yesterday, Ashley and I were challenged to learn
how to tie a tie... the reward... $1!! (bought a candy bar!)
Needless to say, after much trial and error,
I finally got down a half windsor! *Ü*
After supper, a few of us hung out at the cafe
studying and chatting around.
Abby and Steve looked at Bill Rice Ranch flyers and
I was helping Markus write his Theology project...
left2right - Markus, Me, Steve, Abby
Tomorrow after soulwinning, I'll be headed to my
English Teacher's party at her house!! Yeah!
Then I get back and babysit for a sunday school activity.
Next week's classes are only 25 minutes each! Fun!

Sunday starts our annual Missions Conference,
and I am really excited and can't wait!! *Ü*Ü*Ü*Ü*

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Mom...

Sorry, I had a REALLY busy week that I forgot most of what I did.
I also didn't take ANY pictures, so this one is just short and sweet.

Monday, October 4
 Today was a dreaded English test.
The teacher let us out early and she baked us yummy cookies!
I also got to talk to my sister on the phone as it was her birthday.
I spent the day studying, going to work, and hanging out. Ü

Tuesday, October 5
 Normal classes. Speech, Computer, & Intro to College.
Had a quiz in MicroComputer class and think I failed it. Bleh.
Prepared for mid-terms. My mind honestly draws a blank for the rest.

Wednesday, October 6
 Today classes were cut so we could go out door-knocking
for our Open House Sunday at church on the 10th.
My friends and I hit 66 doors! PTL.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing, piano-ing, studying,
and keeping in touch with friends and relatives.
Thursday, October 7
 We were told the date of our Bible Memory speech... next week.
So I picked a passage after having a great "preaching" conversation
at breakfast with a group of friends... and Mrs. Weaver. :-)
In Computer class we started with Microsoft Publisher... me no likie.

Friday, October 8
We had a fun mid-term prep quiz in OT Survey and finished early!
My friends and I studied in Revels & one treated me to a coffee! 
Then I had a Biology quiz and only missed 1 question!
I taught piano, started a new 5 year old student, and went to
the post-office and thrift store to find a nice coat and shirt.
I attempted witnessing to my co-worker but he was very closed.
I am continuing to pray for him and work with him.
I got home and was blessed to be an encouragement to a dear friend. 

Saturday, October 9
 Today I went soulwinning in with Brother Lester's SS group.
After knocking out 70 doors, we were treated to In & Out Burger!!
I came back to study for mid-terms, play piano, fellowship,
and have a wonderful dinner of BBQ ribs!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Young Maiden's Daybook - October 4

October 4, 2010
Outside my window…

Trees are waving, students are walking around,
the weather is suprisingly beautiful!
I am thinking…
Of the wonderful blessings God gives to His children!
I am thankful…

For my dear sister, Beth, who turned 8 today!
I am wearing...
Black skirt and black/red blouse.

I am reading
The Holy Bible:Proverbs, John, Leviticus;

"Changed Into His Image" by Jim Berg

"Exploring The Scriptures" by John Phillips
I am creating…
A speech file... 10 narratives, 10 illustrations,

10 poems, and 20 quotes;
a summary of a commentary (how's that work?!).
One of my favorite things…

Chapel messages! How they edify & bless the heart!
For education this week…
Old testament Survey, English, Biology,

Microcomputer skills, Christian Womanhood,
Freshman speech, Collegiate Life, and College choir.
A keeper at home skill I am learning/using...

Managing my time well. Even my free time... whatever that is.
A spiritual lesson I'm learning...
Setting standards and yeilding to the Holy Spirit's convicting,
and standing for it even when I have to stand alone.
A godly character trait I plan to work on…
Abiding In HIM!

Scripture I am memorizing…
"And I will put emnity between thee and the woman,
and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy
head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." Genesis 3:15
(For Old Testament Survey)
I'm praying for…
Financial provision through college;

Him to reveal His perfect will and help me trust in Him;
His strength (physically and spiritually);
My friends seeking for jobs; For many students to teach;

To get this second job at Sears if He wills it.

For the rest of the week…
School, studying, and sleeping;

canvasing for Open House Sunday;

Biology quiz Friday; preparing for mid-terms next week;
teaching Friday and setting up 2 more students;
spend time with my wonderful Savior;
and whatever else the Lord sees fit to send my way.

 A picture I'm sharing...   
Tiki torch flame!! (from the luau; i plan to add a verse to it)

Have a great week!

To learn how to participate, click HERE.

If you participate, please leave a comment
with a link to your daybook as well.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Mom - Week 6

Today was just a normal Monday.
Running around for classes, studying,
and hanging out with friends.
I was really blessed to have someone buy
me a nice big muffin and a coffee!!
Gotta love the coffee shop!
I also enjoyed "squishing" in the couches while
chatting around and studying...

I listened to my classmate's speeches
in Speech class, which some were pretty funny! lol
I vehemently played the piano today and worked on some theory.
I sadly finished off my 2nd bag of Lime chips,
but my roommate and I 'took tea' together as we did our
Grammar homework (that we were struggling with!)...

I actually caught the beautiful sunrise on
my way to breakfast! So pretty!...

After classes, I worked hard on a speech project;
which is a file containing 10 narratives, illustrations,
poems, and 20 quotes. I'm nearly 1/3 done... bleh.
Here we were before evening service... *Ü*

Today was the first day of our Leadership
and Educator's Conference... which was really good!
The college choir had to meet early, so no sleeping in 4 me.
But we sang "Preach The Word", which we really enjoyed!
We were all really excited about seeing clouds today!...

We hoped for some rain, but never got any. :-(
After some studying, I mostly relaxed outside and
I was able to talk to my Aunt Lisa on the phone. Ü
It was such a blessing to me!

Last sessions of Educator's Conference, and we sang
"God's Been Good" for choir... which I LOOOVE!
After lunch, I was off to teach piano at the store.
My co-worker finished my business cards and they're really nice!
I studied for Biology and worked on some Grammar at work.
We enjoyed a thunderstorm and I was SO excited to feel rain!
The sunset was just gorgeous as I sat out and watched it...

We went soulwinning early this morning, came back
and I enjoyed a yummy muffin from the store! Ü
At 1:00 our dorm had a picnic at the park,
which I just got back from a little while ago.
Here's a pic of me and a friend down the hall...

Looking forward to being in God's House tomorrow!
It's Round-Up Sunday with a Wild West stunt
and a chili-cookoff... can't wait!!! :-)


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