Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Songwriting ...

As I've mentioned for a while, I've been picking up songwriting,
as I plan to sell CDs in the 'nearish' future Ü (next year, maybe?).
I was always terrible at anything to do with writing
and it's a pretty tedious task writing songs,
so I've been asking the Lord for Him to write through me.
Thus, I give the Lord complete credit for these songs He has allowed me to write.

Three weeks ago I finished composing my 1st song, "No Greater Love".

And today I finished my 2nd song entitled, "You Are Forgiven".
I recorded myself singing them both (with the guitar)
and thought I'd share them.


Why did He save me from the death ahead of me?
And how could He bless me when I caused His misery?
What makes Him wait for me when I have gone astray
Saying, "I forgive; come back, my child, today"?

No greater love than this, the love my Savior gave.
His compassions, they fail not. His mercies are new every day.
He bought salvation for a world that caused His pain.
Jesus, this you've shown to man from up above:
No greater love.

Why did He free me from what I could have been?
How could He want me when I rejected Him?
What makes Him mindful of me throughout the day?
Reaching down, He holds my hand and guides my way.


You said for one a righteous man would scarcely ever die.
But while we were yet sinners, you freely gave your life.



It was early in the morning;
The men were standing by.
They said, "This woman sinned, she has to die".
But Jesus said that he without sin,
first should cast a stone.
Then one by one they left her all alone.
She knew that her sin she should have died for,
But Jesus said, "Go and sin no more.

My child, you are forgiven.
No man condemns thee, nor do I.
For you my blood was freely given
So that you might have new life;
I paid sin's price."

Searching for a way,
From my sins to be set free
As I saw the death that lay ahead of me.
Then I heard Christ took my place;
He paid for every sin.
So I fell down on my knees and asked Him in.
I knew full well that I deserved to die,
But Jesus said, "I came to give you life.


So many times I wonder how He loves me
When I fail Him oft and wander from His way.
Yet He waits with open arms to help and guide me.
Still loving me, I hear Him gently say:

(Alternate Chorus)
"My child you are forgiven.
Your debt is paid; your sorrow was mine.
For you these blessings I have given.
Come now, partake of new life divine;
I paid sin's price."

I'll be composing arrangements for my
other instruments to go with them as well.
I also plan to work on song #3 soon!
(I already have a tune and rhythm for it)

I'd love to hear your feedback.

I hope you are all having a great week.


HisRuthie said...

Those are beautiful- both the words & music!! Keep at it! I'd love to hear more!! :)

R.A.~ said...

wow for someone who dislikes writing, you have an incredible talent! I'd definately buy your music :)

keep it up sister!
peace & blessings~

Alli said...

Ever since I have really gotten into music, I have been writing poems, in which I hope to turn into songs. I will post them soon. It is hard for me to find the right tune to put my poems in. But these songs you have written are AMAZING. You have really inspired me to write more poems.


Vondi said...

The Lord is surely blessing someone who doesn't like to write. I enjoyed your songs tremendously.
I found you by accident, but I will certainly NOT lose you.

In Christ,
Follow God with me through

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are excellent!! :D You don't happen to have tabs for those, do you? I'd definitely buy 'em if you did. (Or sheet music) Keep it up!
In Christ,

Brittany said...

Way to go, Ally:) :) I LOVE THEM!

I'm going to show them to my friend, Adara, (my friend that I sing with at church) and we might sing them. (if you don't mind! :) I like them!!

♥love you

HsKubes' Gal said...

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

Thank you! I appreciate your support and encouragement.

How great that you have the talent for writing poems. That was always my struggle throughout school. Actually, writing a tune and rhythm come to me easier than the words! Thanks for the encouragement!

I'm glad you 'accidentally' stopped by Ü. Thank you for your encouragement!

Sarah Grace~
Thank you. I'm afraid I hardly ever write my music down as sheet music. But I may publish full arrangements after I've written more songs. Thank you for your encouragement!

Hey, these are copyright!! Ü JK!
I'd be honored if you and your friend wanted to sing them in church!! As a hint, if your going to try to watch and see what chords I use, I have my guitar tuned down 1/2 step. Thanks for your encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, Alexandra! :)
Be sure to let me know if and when you do write some arrangements! :-) I enjoy all of your songs. :)

Violinist4Christ said...

Those are beautiful songs!! Thank you for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

I really need to get on more often.
I truly loved your songs,such a blessing to see and hear you play them..You know grandma gets 1st CD.Love and Miss you hon...Keep them comming..
Grandma Jeannie


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