Monday, March 9, 2009

Week In Review...

The past week or so has been so busy and just flew by!
(I thought I should make a brief post so I didn't
have 3 daybooks posted in a row!)
Most of the week, I was very 'booked' with schoolwork. ;)
This upcoming week I'll finish Economics & Government! YAY!

Last Monday it actually snowed some!
I thought it rather funny since I said in my daybook
post that I dearly longed for some...

how sweet that the Lord remembers the 'little' things!

I loved looking at it out the windows
(and going to get the mail in it)!

Oh yes, and we had yummy homemade bread...

YUM! We also made some delicious granola...
which I'm enjoying right now :)

Other than lots of schoolwork,
we had park day on Friday...

Afterwards, our friends came over and Stephani and I
did schoolwork, crocheted, and made pizza :)

Yesterday was our first night of our KJB Conference!
Dr. J. D. Herchenhahn is our speaker for it... he's a great blessing!
Yesterday he focused a lot on being 'soul conscious'...
how our job is to be bringing souls to Christ.
It was a great message!

Well, I just thought I'd share about this week.
I hope you all enjoyed yours!

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Hannah said...

Oh, how fun! Hey, do you think maybe you could share the bread recipe you use?:) I alway's like to try different recipes! Look's like you had a fun week.:) You almost finished with you school! Keep going!!!:)


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