Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here At Home...

We arrived home last Saturday!
It has been very nice to be back home
and reunited with Daddy.
We also took an additional member home...

Suzie. (She just had a haircut before we left.)
She was my Gramma's dog but she decided to give her to us.
I must admit, even though I'm not much of a dog person,
she is a cutie and, overall, I do like her a lot :)

It sure was nice to be reunited with my babies, though!

I missed singing with them and training them.
I'm glad to say that they are both now quite tame!
I clipped Fluff's wings the other day so
now she can't fly away from me :)

It was very nice, too, to fellowship with my best friend
after so long of being apart!
We had a sleepover last night to make up for the 5 weeks :)
We had a great time and recorded some songs I thought I'd share.

Since I was/am teaching her violin,
we've been playing a lot of violin duets, as well
as with the guitar and banjo!
Here's a song that she can play very well
and I accompanied her with :)
(Excuse the editing on these clips...
the move clip editer wasn't behaving right)

We also decided to record a few of our favorite songs
that we sing everytime we get together...
(Double click each one to play.)

What A Day That Will Be
(My birds were happy to sing with us too ;)

Well, just thought I'd share!
I hope you all have a great weekend!


The Sisters said...
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The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
We're glad you made it back home safe! Suzie is so cute! The music video's were great!
~Have a great week ahead!

P.S. we have given you an award. Go to our blog to check it out. (:

Alesha said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your songs with us.

I'm sure you must be glad to be back home. Enjoy each day to its fullest!


Kim said...

You play violin soooo well!

Your dog is so cute!

Autumn said...

I love your new dog! She is adorable!

THe videos were nice too.

Stacie said...

WOW, you are really good!
The pictures were good too! Your dog is really cute.

Collin said...

Your dog is cute, and so are your birds what kind are they? I really like American Goldfinches.

Anonymous said...

I love your voice! You and your friend look like you were having so much fun! I just found your moms blog a few days ago and then found yours tonight. I've got 2 small boys so every chance that I've had to get on the comp I get on here and look all through your moms page. I really have enjoyed both of y'alls. I hope that I can raise my kids as well as your mom (and dad) have raised you! I'm not KJV only but I do agree with most everything ya'll say! Keep up the good work and be encouraged! Joni


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