Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Bible School...

Last week was Vacation Bible School.
The theme was "Dino Detectives".

I thought I'd share some photos of the great week.
(You can click on the pics to enlarge them)

Mom and I did registration and handed out snacks...

We were wearing dinosaur hats that the
2,3,4 class was so generous to lend us ;)

(Excuse the photo... it's a bit grainy)

All of the children(and adults) had a great time.
We were very blessed to have quite a few visitors!
Here is Carolynne in her class(2s,3s,4s)...

Beth in her class (K-3 grade)...

It is very strange to say that my younger
sister is going into 'first grade'!
It's bittersweet watching them grow up so fast!

Here is Will in his class (4-6 grade)...

I took advantage of the quietness,
before handing out snacks, by reading "A Virtuous Woman"...

I made all of the snacks during VBS
and I think Tuesday's was the favorite...

I'll try to post the recipe for these sometime.
It literally took me almost all day to make them!

In addition to Rally Time (singing, penny offering, etc...)
there was a nightly puppet show...

I did the radio while the others did the puppets...

Here is my dear friend and I...

Miss Stephani in the 2s,3s,4s class.

Miss Ally :)

The last night was an ice cream fellowship.
All of the children (and adults :o)
enjoyed ice cream after the VBS classes.
For every night a child was there,
they were able to get an extra topping.
Mom and I (and 2 other workers)
helped with dishing out the ice cream...

It was a great week of Vacation Bible School.
Sorry it has taken me so long to update.
This week my mother came down with bronchitis/pneumonia.
I believe she is starting to feel better, praise the Lord :)
So we've been pretty busy.
I hope you all are enjoying your August!


The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
It looks like you had a great time at VBS! Great pics!

~Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds fun! We recently had a vbs of our own. It was Outrigger Island. Love your hair!


Brittany said...


Wow, looks like y'all had fun!!! We had our VBS in June... it was our 3rd year. We didn't have attendance like we did last year and the year before that, but we did have a few.(My 9year old cousin and a few more.)

I just LOVE your hair! it looks nice. I just had mine trimmed too! LOL!

Love ya, & hope to be hearing from you soon!

BFF, bitty

Autumn said...

Oh it looks like fun!
I love your dress Ally.

Amanda Grace said...

That looks like fun! Your snack is so cute. :-)

I'm sorry your mom was unwell, but am glad to hear she's feeling better now.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Helping with VBS is so fun!
Your new hairstyle is adorable, btw. :)


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