Friday, July 11, 2008

Tidbits From Our Trip

We've been here about a month now
and my Gramma seems to be doing a bit better.
We hope to travel home in the near future :)
It's been very busy between doctor appointments,
visiting other family, cooking, cleaning, etc...
I have, however, found time to upload

some pictures online for viewing. :)
Since I had some extra time on my hands today,
I thought I'd post some pictures of the trip here.

One of my favorite highlights of our trip
was watching baby sparrows grow up...

The mommy fed them nonstop from 5am to 9pm!
They're now all out and flying!

My Great Gramma likes it when I play music for her.
It's a great blessing to me to bless her
with good,
godly songs...

While staying at Gramma and Great Gramma's,
we often visit my Grampa

who lives only about 20 min. away.
A few weeks ago we went fishing at the pond near him.

My aunt and uncle came as well...

One day there was a great
storm while we were driving...

Tornado sirens were going off and I think it
may have been a funnel cloud that left a lot of damage.

For the 4th of July we went to my aunt and uncles'.
The children had a watergun fight and as I was taking
pictures I noticed it wasn't just the children who enjoyed it...


Later on we drove up to a park and watched fireworks.

A few projects I've done are
repainting my Gramma's flag...

Also, sewing myself, Beth, and my mom's friend's
2 young daughters dresses...

Wednesday we celebrated my
Great Gramma's birthday at her son's.
My Uncle now owns, w
hat used to be
her business, cottages on the lake.
It was nice to revisit the familiar place that I knew as a child...

He had done a lot of renovating and remodeling as well,
but Lake Huron
was still as beautiful as it ever was...

I also had fun attempting to
tune his baby grand(!!!!!)...

I only fixed a few notes because I bent his tool!
The piano is extremly old and the pegs were firmly set,
thus they didn't want to be moved to tune :)

Also, my dear cousin had her baby.
I confess I miss holding babies,
since my siblings
are bigger now... bittersweet.
It was nice to hold my 2 week old cousin...

Well, we need to get going
to take my grandma to the doctor.
I just thought I'd share some pictures!
The next time I post I hope to be back home!
Have a great week!


Brittany said...


Yaaaa!!! I'm the first to comment!!! I just LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks for posting... awww.. your lil' cousin is so pretty! When mom has the baby you'll have to come visit and hold him/her!!! (and we can visit!) The baby grand is SO neat! I didn't know you could tune pianos!?!?! You did a great job repainting the flag! Well.. I'd better go!!!! love you lots!!!


PS. I'm not using the blogger account.. at least not until I can move the posts over.

Autumn said...

It was good to hear from you again! IT looks like you are having a lovely time. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

Brittany said...


Does FFOTF mean 'Firmly Fixed on the Father'???

Kim said...

oh...I enjoyed this post so much...
sounds like y'all have been pretty busy!!! But a good busy!

Jennifer said...

Loved your post and hearing about what you been up too!!! Great pictures!!
Love in Christ

The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
It looks and sounds as if you have had a great time! The pictures are lovely!
~Have a safe trip home!

Alexis said...

This is my first time commenting your blog beautiful pictures! It looks like your having a good time on your trip


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