Friday, January 18, 2008

We Interupt This Bloggie Silence To Bring An Update...

Where have the past 2 weeks gone?
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Things have seemed to be so busy!
As I'm finishing up 11th grade,

I can hardly find time to do anything else
but schoolwork (and music)!
My Calculus, especially,

is taking up a LOT of time and studying!
Oh well, I plan to be done by next month

and then hope to get back to posting a little more.

The above is pretty much what's been going on...
Lots and lots of schoolwork.
I was excited this past week when I got to talk
to Dr. Jay Wile twice over the phone. ;o)
(For those who don't know, Dr. Wile is the author
of the Apologia cirriculum... the science I use.)

I was struggling on an Advanced Chemistry equation
and decided to call, as he says you can do in the book.
Dr. Wile is as funny on the phone
as he is in his books!

And he also indirectly helped me with my calculus ;)
I LOVE Chemistry, but anytime I try to explain
things to the people I know they're like "HUH?"
So it was REALLY neat to be able to speak

"Chemistry language" with someone else!

I am also very thankful that the Lord
provided a specific graphing calculator for me.
I needed it for my calculus but they cost over $100!
The local base high school was kind enough to lend me
their TI-84 graphing calculator until I was finished with Calculus.
Praise the Lord!

Today was our homeschool group park day.
It felt so good, being mid 40s!
While I waited for my friend to show up,
I read some books I borrowed from the liabrary:

"Mathematical Preparation for Laboratory Technicians"
and an SAT Chemistry subject test preparation book.

I'm not planning on taking the SAT or anything
but I wanted to quiz myself on the questions for fun ;)
(Dr.Wile said that after I've completed my Advanced Chemistry,
that it's equivalent to a 1st year college course Chemistry,

so I wanted to see how much I knew :)

When my friend arrived, we took pictures of everyone:
The little girls were burying their toy horses...

The older ones were playing tag, I think...

My friend and I were having fun with the camera...

The moms also were enjoying their time together...
(My favorite one is marked with an arrow!)

Hee hee, I LOVE YOU, MOM!

My friend and I loved watching the dozens of robins.
We tried feeding some with molded bread (kind of us, huh?)...

but red-winged blackbirds came and scared them off.

Then we ventured home and my friend and I
practiced a song we'll be singing soon for church.
Then all of my violin 'students' gathered

into my room for the lesson...

About an hour ago, my dear 5 yo sister, Beth,

came upstairs and said, "I want to play my violin wits you!"
So I got out my violin, tuned hers,

and gave her her first lesson...

She learned E and A string.
We played counting 4 Es, then 4 As.
It was so cute watching her getting use to

holding it and playing it...

Oh how I thank the Lord for my family!
My siblings are so sweet and my parents are so wonderful!
He has given me so much!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

By the way, the picture in my last post
was a CROCHETED HAT that I turned inside out. :)

"I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies,
and of all the truth, which thou hast shewed unto thy servant..."
Genesis 32:10


Kim said...

I wish I had a violin...
and I wish YOU could teach me...:)

Eyebright said...

I think it is so neat that you play, and teach violin. My brother has a violin, and it came with a teaching DVD. He isn't doing very well with it, because he is impatient. I am going to try to watch the DVD and learn for myself, so that maybe I can help him.

Mandy Grace said...

Hi Ally ~ It sounds like you've been keeping busy! How neat that you got to talk to Dr. Wile. I took a physics class on The Potter's School when I was in high school, and he taught our class a couple times as the substitute. I remember he was very nice and so helpful!

So glad God provided the calculator that you needed - what a blessing for you. :-)


Lindsey said...

Hello Ally!

It's been awhile since I've been around here... =)

It looks like you have been having a great year so far!

I love the addition of the little birds around your blog... so cute! =) And that apron looks great!

Also, I wanted to share a bit of exciting news with you (although you don't "know" me, lol)

We just bought a violin! I am rather excited about that! I was wondering what method you used to teach yourself, and if you have any tips for me? =)

Have a blessed weekend!


The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
We haven't been here in awhile,We just wanted to say Hi! Hope you have a great Sunday!


brittanyrose said...

Hello Ally-o!!!!!

It's been awhile, eh?

I've heard you have a special visitor.....I'm so glad for you!!!! I like how you did your favorite mom.... so funny! (goofy you). *Ü* Thanks for the comment.

Love ya,


brittanyrose said...

Ok, looney me!!! I thought your dad had came last weekend, but he came on Thursday!!! ROFL!!! Sorry!!!!!

PS> I'm know your happy!!!
PPS> Did you leave me a comment signed 'anonymous'?... just wondering!!!

Anonymous said...

At the thought of advanced chemistry equations, I get those creepy, crawly, go-hide-under-the-bed shivers down my spine! [grin]
Chemistry is not one of my strong points! :)

Kim said...

I tagged you to do a meme...:) The details are on my blog.

stephani said...

Happy birthday to you you live in
a zoo you look like a monkey and smell like one to. I miss you.

Love Stephani.

Morgan said...

I heard it was your birthday, and I just wanted to wish you a happy one! :) I bet having your dad home made it wonderful! I hope this next year in your life is filled with laughs and blessings, and brings you closer to Jesus.


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