Monday, January 7, 2008

Embellishing, Hair Cuts, Artwork, & Photos...

Well, it's been a busy weekend and
beginning of the week so far.
Last week we had fun making a welcome home sign for Dad
and I enjoyed playing around with the fabric markers...

I decided to embellish a plain apron that we had.
Here it is half done...

And here's the finished project...

I love birds!

I was, also, excited this past week
when I was able to figure out how to restring my violin! ;)
I was a little nervous to take the strings off,
but I did do it and now my violin sounds much better :)

Today I had an orthodonist appointment,
for I'll soon be getting braces again :( ,
went to teach piano, and went to our friend's house.
We intended on doing schoolwork together,
but didn't get around to doing it.
She really wanted me to cut her hair
and so we had fun doing that in the bathroom...

She wanted me to cut off quite a bit,
so what was down to her hips
is now barely past her shoulders.

It does look nice and healthy, though!
Speaking of cutting hair,
I, also, trimmed my mom's hair the other day.

She allowed me to do my first haircut ever on her.
I was thankful for the tips she gave me,
they came in handy today!
Tomorrow I'll be cutting my friend's 2 sisters' hair :)

Well, I thought I'd share some of
my personal favorite pics from the weekend...

Mom just being herself... lol

Will's self-photo...

The girls "eating the wind" as we drove
down the road with the windows down...

Also, I was having fun doodling this evening.
After about 20 pages of nonsense
(except my cute 'Cardinals in Alaska')
and lots of scribbling out,
I finally drew something that I liked...

Why bread?
It just looked fun to draw.

Because it's late, I'm just a little tired
and I tend to get a little goofy when I'm tired.
(A family trait ;)
But can anyone guess what in the world this might be?

I'll tell you soon!
I saw it sitting on the table and
couldn't resist changing it's form a little.

As I listen to the classical station online,
hearing beautiful violins, violas, cellos,
basses and double basses harmonizing together to
create beautiful music by Mr. ?
(one of the many classical music composers)...
poor Mother is trying to finish sewing
Carolynne's birthday present for tomorrow,
and she just broke the second needle tonight!
And I am frequently hearing 'OW!',
for she keeps poking herself with the needles.
She's, also, talking to the sewing machine:
which, in return, is not cooperating. lol

Well, have a great rest of the day!
Well, actually, enjoy the new day!
(It's midnight, oh deere!)


Vanessa Lynn said...

The last one is a hat. :)

Kristen said...

I like your drawing of the bread!
The last picture looks like a hat. :-)

Mandy Grace said...

Hi Ally, What a cute apron! And oh how handy it would be to have a personal hair-cutter in the house. I've thought about trimming my own in the past, but only thought about it, never done it. I don't think I'm brave enough. :-)

Very nice pencil drawing - bread and honey, mmmm. One of my favorites. You did a good job on shading, that's always been hard for me (whenever I try drawing that is, which isn't very often!).

And I'll take a guess... is it, ummm, something that a glass of potpourri would be held in? I don't know!


Autumn said...

Your haircuts are so nice! I wouldn't trust myself to cute someone's hair. lol, I only cut my bangs.
Your apron is cute, and I love the picture of the bread.
Sorry about your braces! I am getting my cavities filled tomorrow.
The last picture...maybe a basket, or a hat, or something....?
I hope you Mom stops breaking needles! I broke three in one night one day.

BookLover said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
Yes, I do play the piano. I also play the flute, and the organ. You are SOOOOO good at the piano! I loved listening to the video of you playing.

I haven't painted in a LONG time! My grandma is an artist. I do like to draw alot too.

Victoria said...

My dad is a Marine too. We are moving soon. I am 16 and love to sing and play the piano.

God bless,

Vanessa Lynn said...

I like the drawing and your apron. YOu draw nicely!!

Jessica said...

I love the apron, and the bread drawing!

I'd guess a hat. :)

Alie said...

Hi Ally!

Great job on your apron! Where did you learn to cut hair? Did your mom teach you? As for the cake on my blog, no, that was not Amy's cake! :o) That would've been a little over-doing it, don't you think?!!

Come visit my blog again sometime!


Sallie said...

Yes, NC -- CP (you asked on Victoria's blog). We wanted to tell you and your mom we were sorry about your grandpa.

Victoria's Mom


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