Friday, November 16, 2007

Mathematical Musings and More...

Sorry I haven't posted all week.
I've been, as they say, 'cracking down'
on doing a lot of schoolwork.
And we've had various other things during the week.
But I was so thrilled when we returned from grocery shopping
last night to find a package for me at the door!
It was my math that I was waiting for...

I used Teaching Textbooks a few years ago for Algebra 2,
and liking the method, I wanted their pre-cal as well.
Now this particular subject was NOT my first choice,
(I'd have rather taken Algebra 2 again!)
but it was this or Geometry!!!!!
So naturally, I picked the calculus,
which will help me in Advanced Chemistry anyway.

Speaking of Chemistry, we went to the library yesterevening
and I went to my favorite section (can you guess??)... science!
I found a whole shelf of chemistry books and had a hard time choosing.
Since the books were so big and thick, I just got two.
One is all about Physical Chemistry,
and the other is Chemical Bonding... my two favorite branches!

Well, today we have a homeschool park day.
My friend and I like to bring our violins to play while we're there.
And then, it's 'Friend Friday' for us!
And speaking of violins, I'll be playing my violin for church
sometime next month for the congregational singing.
And my friend's mom will be taking my place at the organ,
so we'll have a 3 person 'orchestra' for some Christmas carols!

Well, it's about time to leave.
I'll try to post again next week.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Abigail said...

Wow,I remember this sort of Math. But, in our school, we used Saxon math. The name of my book was "Advanced Math." All the problems looked like the ones on the front of your Pre-Calculus book and inside! I hope you enjoy it, it was a challenge for me, but enjoyable at the same time. I always felt like Albert Einstein when doing it!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a great week!! I don't care for math... but my Mom LOVES it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your such a busy young lady, I'm so very proud of you Ally, I COULD Never DO THAT KIND OF MATH.So what are you going to do with all your knowledge? Write to me soon,and tell me I sure miss you!!
Love Grandma Jeannie

Autumn said...

I am using "Video Text" algelbra this year. I like it a lot because they make it very easy to understand. I never liked saxon. Your curriculum sounds very cool.
The science section is your favorite? =0) I prefer the sewing/crocheting, Christian fiction, and most of all, the sign language section.

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Well, look at this!

I visit your mom's place often but didn't know you had a blog too. This is truly lovely and a glory to our Father.

You won't mind if I peek around? And perhaps later, let my oldest "maiden" (who is 12) take a look too? This kind of peer encouragement is not so easily found in our world today.

Though she might think you're "off your rocker" with the love for math and science! lol. But she'll get past that difference, I'm sure. ;)

The Howard Family said...

Hi! I'm 15, just found this blog tonight from Stacy's blog, and I am really, really impressed! I'm still in the Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra! Wow. I enjoy writing and sewing better than math and science, although I'm really enjoying all the little gross things in ponds that I'm learning about right now! :)

I'll be sure to visit often!

~Olivia Howard


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