Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Fun and Busy Baking...

As our usual Friday tradition,
our friends came over and we had a great time.
We had fun doing Bible study and fellowshipping.

Before I go further, I wanted to say "Thank you, Mom"
for the baking book she purchased for me!

It was so thoughtful and sweet of her!

Perhaps you can guess what my friend and I did?
Oh yes! We spent 40 minuets drooling over the book
and then we had to make the hard choice of what to bake!
We decided on chocolate mint wafers... yum!

(these are NOT our wafers, unfortuneately,
these are from the book)
Thankfully, we had just enough mint extract!
So she started mixing the cookies
and I started making the sourdough pizzas

that we have every Friday...

We had a great time in the kitchen.
After the pizzas were done and the dough was chilled,
we sat together making shapes for the cookies.

Lots o' fun!

I've also been really busy crocheting gifts.
I'm finally almost finished with Mom's, but I can't

tell you until after Christmas because she reads my blog ;-)

I've also really been enjoying my Advanced Chemistry...

I've finally learned all there is to physical chemistry
(my favorite branch of chemistry!) and I love it!
Actually, the one who wrote my Advanced Chemistry
said that most chemists don't like physical chemistry
and have a difficult time comprehending it.
But I sure LOVE it!

Speaking of Chemistry,
we did one of my experiments together yesterday.
I dippped a Q-tip in colbat chloride solution
and wrote on a piece of blank paper.
You couldn't see it until I blow dried it,
and the solution was readable in blue...
(Please excuse the hideous faces mom caught us in!)

(Colbat Chloride is originally pink,
but I won't explain all the deatils in the experiment! ;-)
You can hardly see the writing in the picture, though.

The Lord's creation is SO wonderful and complex!
How can anyone believe this all happened by chance?
There is so much evidence of God in His complex creation!

Well, I hope everyone's had a great week!

"Therefore also now, saith the LORD,
turn ye even to me with all your heart,
and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:
And rend your heart, and not your garments,
and turn unto the LORD your God:
for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger,
and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil."
Joel 2:12&13


Three Sisters Blog said...

Sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun!

Ron and Ginny said...

What fun! You sure keep busy. :-D

LifeofFaith said...

Hi Ally!

I have visited your blog many times but this is my first comment :).

I think you play the violin well. Also, you made a really nice cake (the one that said "Happy Friday")!


P.S. I really want to add you onto my friends' list but you're not in homeschoolblogger anymore so I'm not sure how to do it! Please let me know if you know how to do that.

brittanyrose said...

Hello Ally! I havn't commented in a LONNGGGG time! SORRY ;-)

It looks like you have fun with your friends! It's good you have someone nearby to talk and fellowship with. For some reason our camera broke. When you turn it on, the screen turns blank! UGGGHHH! =-* I'm soooo disgusted! Oh well, if you've seen on mine or my mom's blog, We are starting an addition on our house! It's very exciting! Go to my blog for details. With the camera broke, we may no be able to any more pictures!!!! :-( Oh well, I'd better go!


I saw where you had a blog where you test templates, it's something like 'hskubesdesigns' or something like that. It's neat! I have one now. The user name is 'brittanystemplates' if you want to look. Love ya girl!

Lindsey said...

Hi, Ally!

Ummm! The mint cookies sound sooo good!
I see you know how to make pizza correctly! I don't, I never could figure out how to throw the dough... :)

Have fun with your chemistry and pre-cal... (although if it were me, I'd pick Geometry!) :)

Autumn said...

Wow. You really like chemistry! I avoid science at all costs! Well, I actually am enjoying it this year.
I am doing Algebra this year. I am definitely taking geometry of calculus! lol.
It looks like you had a lot of fun with yur friend. The cookies look great!
It is very cool that you actually got your experiement to work. I have tried it before with lemon juice. I have tried milk as well, but neither worked. =)


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