Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scheduling, Schooling, & Sewing... Phew!

It's been a few days since I last posted
but now I have something to post about. *Ü*
I've been pretty busy lately trying to schedule myself
and finish up my education for this year.
And today I found time to do that and sew, too!!!
We bought some really nice fabric a while back
and I decided to use it today.
I was busy around 11 and just finished an hour ago.
I thought I'd share...

I ran into a problem, though.
I retraced the pattern beforehand,
adjusting it where needed...
after cutting, sewing, and all of that other fun stuff,
I was excited to try it on and discovered
that I made it A LOT larger
than what it was supposed to be :(
So I used an additional 45 minutes fixing it.
ugh! phew!
I also had to get out the seamripper twice!
But I am glad I'm finished!
I'm also working on a crochet project (an afghan)
but will wait a little while before I post a photo :)
Well, at least until I can figure out
the confusing-to-me instructions
of attaching the green to the rose.
Oops, I slightly spilled the beans!
Well, I'll be going.
Good night!


Three Sisters Blog said...

The dress is very pretty!
I can't wait to see the afghan you're crocheting. I like to crochet too.

Mandy Grace said...

Great job on the dress! Thanks for sharing the photos! I don't know how to crochet (yet), but I hope to start on a knitting project soon.

We found the tortoise at Petco, the pet store near us, in the reptile section (ew :-).

Kayla Skye said...

Hi Ally, this is Kayla's mom. She was having trouble leaving youa comment, so I wanted to test it out for her. ;0) She has been reading your blog but unable to comment. By the way, the dress came out really nice.

Anonymous said...

WEll done, once again! You are a super sewer!

I can't wait to see your aphgan. Two colors I love together are green and pink!

love the Lord, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,
Great Job on the dress! I miss you! Love ya, Carissa


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