Sunday, May 20, 2007

Missing Persons in Christianity...

Yesterday, I found a book on our shelves entitled
'A Heart For God' by Paul Chappell.
I've heard him preach
and was interested in reading a book by him.
After reading one chapter so far,
I already reccommend it!
I thought I'd share something that really stuck out to me...

He writes...

"In my mail each week,
I receive the picture of a beautiful child, a little boy or girl.
The card tells the size, age, and hometown of the missing child.
Below the photos are the words 'missing person.'
How the parents across the country must weep
for those missing persons!

And when God looks down from Heaven and sees
missing persons in Christianity, it must break His heart.
There are too many Christians today who have taken
back the hearts they once gave to God.
We should determine to have a heart that has a desire for God,
that fixes itself on God, that follows God even through the valleys."


Happymama said...

We've heard Brother Chappell preach at the Sword Conference. He's very good. I'll have to check into that book. Thanks for reccomending it.

~Mrs. Kristi

Mandy Grace said...

That sounds like a good book! I'll put it on my ever lengthening want-to-read list. :-)

Now as to your question, I'll try not to write a book! My graduation party was fairly informal. We barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs and had side dishes to eat, plus cake. We also played games like ping pong and let people look at our garden. I was going to open presents while everyone was over but didn't end up doing that till after they left.

Now I'll tell you what my homeschool graduation ceremony was like and maybe this will give you more ideas. Each pair of parents of the graduates got to pick out two character traits for their child and talk about why they chose those traits for him or her. They also got to talk for a few minutes to their child in front of everyone about how proud they were of them, and things like that. :-) Then the graduates also got to talk/give a speech to or about their parents, thanking them for all they did for them, etc. It ended up being really nice.

I hope that helps. Have fun planning!

HsKubes' Gal said...

Mrs. Happymama ~ How exciting that you were able to hear him in person! It's a great book!

Many Grace ~ It's a great book to add to your ever lengthening list. ;o)
Thank you for sharing all of your ideas and such. I have a couple of years but I look forward to it!

~ Ally


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