Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day, Mopping, Music Lessons, Messes & More!

Ok, I'll start off in chronological order.
Yesterday, we spent our Memorial Day,
mostly, at home.
The younger ones did a project,
in which I assisted.
Then we had a great time
of food and fellowship at our Pastor's house!
I was so glad that I could, actually, run
to catch and throw a frisbee!
I haven't done that in SO long!
Anyway, for some reason I woke up
today at 6:00 and couldn't find sleep.
So I got up, had my quiet time,
and enjoyed the peace (and the birds).
Then I, suddenly, felt in the mood to grab
a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser
and 'erase' the linolium floor
in the dining room hallway.
It looks much nicer now.
I was going back and forth from that,
making coffee, cleaning the dining room,
reading room, and living room,
and spraying the squirrell with water
every time it jumped up on our birdfeeder!
Yes, I do that.
I already cleaned the kitchen the evening before,
so there was no point in cleaning it.
Ok, my day has mostly been cleaning,
but I REALLY enjoy cleaning!
I also started piano lessons with my brother.
He was thrilled as I assigned him lessons to practice!
He did so well for his first day...
Also, I assisted mom in moving
the children's bedrooms around,
which was a real chore
trying to get the beds into the other
room in two narrow 90 degree angles upstairs!!!!
But I got to break out my favorite tool... the allen wrench.
I also tried moving my furniture around,
but couldn't find any other way that would look right,
save the way it already was.
So, after 7 months of living here,
I finally got the decorations on the walls, instead!
(Since now I know where I'm keeping my furniture.)

A view from walking in the doorway... (My closet is to the right)

A view from my bookshelf and closet opening...

Well, I thought I'd share! I hope everyone's having a great week!


Alesha said...

LOL, Ally, I love the allen wrench too!!!! I'd never really thought about until I read your comment. My multiple-sized allen wrench is one of my prized possessions! Hope you have a blessed evening.

Happymama said...

WOW! Sounds like a lot of work, Ally. Are you available for my house anytime soon? Kidding, of course! ;)

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Memorial Day. I know you missed your daddy that day. Just so you'll know, he and your family were in my thoughts and prayers that day.

~Mrs. Kristi

Morgan said...

Hi!! My name is Morgan.. My mom found your blog and told me about it and I thought I would drop in!! Come by anytime!!

HsKubes' Gal said...

Mrs. Alesha ~
LOL. I love the allen wrentches... I even carry one with me in my purse. I've never heard of a multiple sized one... sounds like something to look into buying!!

Mrs. Happymama ~
I'd love to mop your floors anytime ;o) Thank you so much for your prayers for my daddy. That means a lot to me. I do miss him greatly.

Morgan ~
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had younger brothers or sisters that I could teach! I recently started two students on the harp, and I didn't like teaching at first, but now I love it!

Autumn said...

I found your blog from Bryant's blog. You have such a pretty layout!
I used to take piano lessons, but never practiced and quit. I am now taking cello and enjoying it very much.
I'll be back!

HsKubes' Gal said...

Thank you for your compliment on my blog. How nice that you play the cello! I'm trying to teach myself the violin, but it's untunned and I popped a string. Have you ever had that problem?
Thanks for visiting. Hope to hear from you again.


PortraitofPeter said...

How wonderful in teaching your younger brother to play the piano.

Are you able to play 'Gymnopedie', that is indeed one of my favourites and so enjoy.

HsKubes' Gal said...

I've never heard of 'Gymnopedie'. But I can usually play a song as soon as it's given to me. I'll have to see if I have it. One of my favorites to play is Chopin's Etude op.10,no.3 "Chanson De L'Adieu". Which, being translated is, "The song of farewell". Chopin is my favorite to play from.


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