Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Selling My Christmas CD!

Well, I have just listed my Piano Christmas CD on my Etsy shop.
I thought I'd make an announcement and lead anyone to it that might be interested in it.
It's nothing real fancy, just some simple arrangements that I wrote,
of well-known favorite Christmas songs. Ü Ü Ü Ü

Click HERE to check it out Ü


Kathrann said...

I awarded you!

Come over to:


Anonymous said...

Hi Hon..I got my "things" in the all of it.grandpa is claiming the wash cloths.I won't deney him;] love the doily and my eye glasses fit in thank you..I am saving for the afgan and I want a cd..I am so very proud of you Ally..Love you and praying for you and your future.I love you dearly
Grandma Jeannie


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