Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Autumn Beach Trip...

Oh! I love living only 15 minutes from the beach!
It's the best time of the year to go,
especially early in the morning when it's colder.
The tide was very high and the waves were
monstrously big and made huge thunder-like crashes...

The children (and the moms too) enjoyed getting their feet wet...

While Stephani and I were content staying dry up on shore :)

After a while, the moms and the kids took
about a mile walk down the beach...

Stephani and I stayed and enjoyed resting and chatting,
as well as watching the cute birds coming by...

Mom took some photos at the pier they went to.
I love this one of Stephani's youngest sister with
the huge waves crashing in front of her...

Here are photos of my lovely siblings...

...Will, 11 yo

..Beth, 6 yo (7 in 3 weeks!)

...Carolynne, 5 yo

After a while, Stephani and I decided to get our feet a little
wet while waiting for them all to return.
There was an osprey flying above that we continually
waved to the man waving in the back of it :)

When everyone returned, we noticed how soaked everyone
else was, and we decided to go ahead and get wet ourselves...

It was actually very fun!
I usually don't like getting wet at the beach,
but the waves and water temp were perfect!
I'm sure loving it that summer is getting behind us!!!


~Lauraborialice said...

looks like a lot of fun!! :D

Noelle said...

I would love to live by the ocean. It's so beautiful...I have never been there, but would love to go someday! :)

Just out of curiosity, what kind of camera do you use? I love your pictures! :)

~Noelle M.

Alyssa said...

Hi Alexandra,

Wow! You only live fifteen minutes away?!? We live in the Pacific Northwest and we’re still not that close :). It’s actually been quite awhile since we’ve visited the beach. Nice photos!

I want to let you know that I am having a guessing contest on my blog that ends this Saturday.


bookflutterby said...

I just wanted to say that it is always a blessing when I stop by your blog. All the women and girls in your family are dressed so nice and modestly, and that is a rare thing to see now. It's great that you dress that way, it's truly beautiful! Keep serving God!


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