Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Fun and Chocolate Cakes...

I know, it's a little tacky for a title, but it's true!!
Maybe I've just been aching to share the dozens of
pictures I've been taking with my new camera ;-)

My uncle and his family arrived on Monday.
Since then, we've been doing quite a bit.
We couldn't help but laugh at the weather forcast...

What was even funnier was that there really was
a lot of smoke because the base was burning leaves!

Tuesday was my mom's birthday and we went to the ocean.
We stayed there 3 hours!
For the first time ever, I actually got a sunburn.
(I've only ever tanned, and I'm not easy to burn)
Wow, sunburn hurts!!! I'm glad I've missed out on it before!!

Later on, we celebrated mom's birthday by eating cake.
I made her a cake, but one of the roses got smooshed
and the bag busted so there was excess scribbling...

See what I mean? Oh well, it tasted good!

We later we took her out to Olive Garden (her favorite),
where I drank some of this...

Yummy strong brewed decaf coffee!!
(Olive Garden's is almost as yummy as Starbucks!)

Yesterday we went to the Aquarium.
It is on an island and I loved the view over the bridge...

The aquarium was quite fun (and exhausting).
The stingrays are my absolute favorite... I love petting them!
They're so friendly!
I couldn't get a very good picture of them though
because of the bad lighting and they swim and flap too fast.
Here was a waterfall...

This was a neat albino toad...

This adorable snake was looking right at me...

Afterwards we went to the beach on the island...

Today my mom picked up my gramma
and my great-gramma at the airport.
From 10am-2pm I was busy making cakes for my graduation...

My theme colors are black/pink/white.
I made the tassel on the smiley the same as my tassel.
It was kind of weird writing 'congrats' to myself!

This evening my dad and I are meeting with pastor
at the church to do a rehearsal for graduation,
as well as do things with the sound system.
Tomorrow we're decorating the church :-)!!!
I hope you all are having a great week!

Here's a random pic I took this week
(did I mention that I LOVE my new camera!)...


Alli said...

That weather thing is sooo funny! LOL. I think the cake you made for your Mom is pretty! :) The pictures you took from the aquirum is nice. I love the waterfall the best. :) I am not really fond of amphibians. I HATE snakes. When we went to Sea World. We stopped by the sting rays. The boys had a great time petting them, I was a scardey cat near them. I DID enjoy the dolphins alot. :)I also love the pics from the beach. :) I love your theme colours of your graduation. I espicially love your smiley face! :) I also not really fond of coffee either. Yuck! To me hot cocoa is coffee. It still gets me hypered. LOL.

I posted a music video of Bethany Dillon's song "Beautiful" on my blog. In the song she is basically telling the girls to NOT focus on their outter beauty but on their inner beauty.

Miss Alli

Alli said...

P.S. :)= smiles from reading each and every exciting word of your post of today. You exciting post brightened my day, Thanks!

Miss Alli

Miss Eyebright said...

Ah, busy, busy! Yeah, it would be a little weird writing congratulations to yourself. I thought of that right before you mentioned it. :D

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun!
Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
Miss Eyebright

BookwormMN said...


How fun, a new camera! The pictures are beautiful! And those cakes....

Even the one with the extra squiggles is way, way, way better than what I could do!!

Have a very blessed graduation day tomorrow! Congrats!


Hannah said...

Wow! I am the opposite, I hardly ever tan, but burn to BRIGHT red!!

BookwormMN said...

I'm back again...

Have a wonderful graduation today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi...I am a new follower of your blog, which I just love. I have the SAME exact camera as you have, so it is fun to see what photos you come up with. I absolutely LOVE the waterfall and the toad photos. Great job!

Take care,

Susannah said...

The weather was funny! :)

I LOVE Olive Garden!!!

I finally posted the link to my Simple Maiden's Daybook...even though I did the post yesterday, I forgot the like :(

Have a great week!



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