Saturday, January 3, 2009

All-Youth Night...

I mentioned in a previous post,
that this past Sunday was our All Youth Night service.
All Youth Night is when the youth of the church lead the service
(music, ushering, offeratory, message, etc...).
I thought I'd post some videos and pictures.
(the background music can be stopped in the sidebar)

After the first congregational song,
the children sang 'Hold the Fort'...

Then Stephani and I sang...

A few more congregational hymns followed,
and then we had offeratory, which Will was the usher for...

I thought he looked so handsome and he did such a good job!
He loves to serve the Lord!

For offeratory, Stephani's sister played her flute
and then Pastor's youngest son and I played
an arrangment we composed on our violins (I did the harmony:).
(This video was too long to upload completely, so the ending is cut off.)

After another congregational hymn,
Stephani and I sang "What a Day That Will Be",
which was too long to upload.
Then Steve, Pastor's youngest, preached a 10-15 minute message.

Afterwards we had a 'goodies' fellowship :) Yum!
I already look forward to next year's youth night!
(Or I should say, this year's :)

I hope everyone's first week of 2009 is going well!

"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.."
Ecclesiastes 12:1

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Anonymous said...

Ally what beautiful music you play for the Lord. and I can enjoy it also, Loved it very much
love Grandma


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