Friday, March 28, 2008

A Day With Friends...

I am really not the most consistent poster in the blog world.
Mom and I were jesting about how

I should get a 'Bad Blogger Award'. lol

It's been very busy around here.
Yesterday I ended up doing 54 pages

in my Advanced Chemistry!!!!
Oh, I couldn't put it down!
Now that I've learned, as Dr.Wile says,
'all there is to know about equilibrium'(sigh of relief!),
I've finally started enjoying more of my favorite fields:

kinetics and organic chemistry.
(I didn't know I'd like organic chemistry,
but it's pretty much physical chemistry with a lot of 'twists' to it!!!!)

Anyway, today was a nice day
so we decided to go to the beach!
I love the beach and it's been a while since we had gone.
I absolutely adore the cute seagulls and pelicans...

But unfortunately, it was a little crowded,

so we didn't stay long.
But here are 2 of my favorite shots of the moms...

My mama...


Notice how similar their face expressions are? LOL
Just goes to show that when you've been best friends

with someone for 7 years, you pick up the others' traits.
Hee hee. I love you guys ;)

We, then, ventured home.

We spent time singing, playing instruments,
relaxing, and having fun with the camera.
Here are a few photos I thought I'd share:
Playing my guitar in a unique way, as we've done before...

(We had done this years ago

and decided to update the pose in our photos ;)

And my 'Mad Scientist' look, as she says...
(since I like to study so much and relate
almost any situation to Chemistry;)

After a while, we made the Friday night pizza...

We had a great time of fellowship (and singing!) in the kitchen.

The children were enjoying their time
dressing up and showing us their costumes...

Cute Carolynne

Butterfly Beth

Roman Will and who knows what his friend is!?!
(some kind of a morphed cow/elephant/cowgirl/queen)

They also had fun on the trampoline in their outfits...

Today was definately a great day of fellowship!
Here are 2 more photos we took...

I hope to post again soon!
Have a great weekend!


Tinkle said...

hihi,I am Tinkle,from Hong Kong,just randomly search yr blog. Well,yr blog in background is very nice,how to do it~? And u play violin?I can play,too.

brittanyrose said...


How are things going? It looks like every thing's going good! Are you sure you didn't make the 'multi-animal', but asked Will to model with it? LOL!!!


Jennifer said...

Hey, Your blog is always a blessing to me, go to my blog you have won an award!! God Bless:)

The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
Your new blog design is so pretty!
It looks like you have been having lots of fun with your friends and family!

~Have a wonderful day!

Ginny said...

Hey, I love that picture of you and your friend in the kitchen. It looks so old-fashioned, homey, comfortable, etc. :-D

I also really like your new avatar picture. :-D

Autumn said...

54 pages in Chemistry? You must REALLY like it! I started Apologia Biology the other day. I don't like it.
Looks like you had fun with your friends! I'd be afraid of dropping my guitar if I held it like that. I like to be silly and play it like a cello.

Jennifer said...

Hey my blogger friend, I have been missing your posts, hope to see you on here again real soon!! God Bless:)


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