Friday, February 29, 2008


After 10 page (at least) long lessons,
lots of numbers, letters, figures, graphing,
laws of trigonometry, and lots more...
I'm finally done with my Pre-Calculus!!!!

I finished up the last 4 lessons today!
At a rate of doing about 7 a day the past week ;o)
Now I'm free from the task I gave myself
for math in this 11th grade year!

Now I'm extremely glad to say that
I get to relax and am able to enjoy, appreciate,
and focus more on my Advanced Chemistry(!!!!),
which I'm a little more than halfway finished with.
And that's bitter-sweet, of course. lol
I'd also like share a poem for this "wonderful thought"

that my mom and I found online some time ago...

A Chemistry Poem

I'm reading a book by Jay Wile
That feels 'bout as thick as a mile
It's a chemistry course,
And reliable source,
I sure am enjoying his style.

The characteristics we see
Of chemicals in chemistry
Are works of God's hand,
And part of His plan,
For the earth to function for me.

The way atoms all seem to dance
In molecules inside of plants
Is one of the ways,
God meant to amaze,
That couldn't have happened by chance.

Experiment with metals like chrome
Experiment with mixtures like foam
Please try to have fun,
Clean up when you're done,
I hope you don't blow up your home!

by Bailey Gillespie

Your friend and chemist~ Alexandra


Booklover said...

Hi Ally!
I meant to come over and comment earlier but I kept forgetting so Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Ron and Ginny said...

Congratulations! :-D

(You look awfully official...)

ecvp said...

Be careful when dealing with the chemicals! Little holes show up after u wash them... =)

ecvp said...

oops.. i meant to say, little holes will show up on the lab coat after u've washed it =)esp. on the sleeves!

ecvp said...

Read yr mom's post about being worried for you while u do yr expts =) that's really nice!

Just a tip: don't add water to concentrated acid.. instead, add the acid to water when u want to dilute it.

Reason being: when u add water to conc. acid, it'll result in a vigorous reaction! Adding acid first will allow the first few drops to be quickly diluted into the larger volume of water, and the next few drops, and so on. =)

Have fun with chem! hehe..

Kim said...

Yay for you!!!
Nice picture too!

Tori said...

Hi Ally,
All this time visiting your mom's blog and I missed yours somehow. It's very nice.
Also that lab coat looks pretty at home on you. °Ü°

brittanyrose said...


I'm excited for you! I have to learn biology next year!~ BLAH... I don't know.. lol... we'll see!!!



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