Friday, October 5, 2007

Elements by Mail!

Oops... so much for 'posting tomorrow'
and 'responding to comments Wednesday'.
Sorry, I've been really busy.

But last Saturday, I received the loveliest package :)
I got my Advanced Chemistry and lab kit!!!!!
In my lab kit I got elements!!!
Oh, I'm so excited!
Here's some pictures...

The elements I received are:
Ammonium Chloride
Colbat Chloride
Copper Sulfate
Ferric Ammonium Sulfate
Sodium Borate
Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Ferrocyanide
Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Thiosulfate

I also got:
Lime Water
Phenolphtlaein Solution
Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesive
Potassium Iodide Solution
Universal Indicator Solution

Things I'll be covering this year:
The Electronic Structure of Molecules
Intermolecular Forces
Solutions and Colloids
Solutions and Equilibrium
Acid/Base Equilibria
More on Equilibrium
Electrochemistry Part 1 and 2
Chemical Kinetics
Organic Chemistry
Functional Groups in Organic Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry - for some reason,
I'm not scheduled for any experiments this module:(

Of course, most of this I covered a lot of this year, (save the nuclear!!!)
but this year is going to be even more in depth and complex!
Ohh! I'm SOOOO excited!
I'm planning on officially starting 11th grade next week!

Oh, One more note.
As working in 'the lab' with chemicals this year,
I must be careful...

I do not wish to make the slightest
miscalculation and possibly end up as...

Have a great weekend!
(I really do hope to respond to comments tomorrow)


The Sisters said...

That is a really nice lab kit Alexandra!
Have a great weekend!


Amy/BookLover said...

That looks fun! I love mixing strange combinations together. You DO have to be careful!

Abigail said...

Wow, I used to love Chemistry in school. Have fun with it! And be sure not to miscalculate!

Brittanyrose said...


I just wanted to ask you something... What style of dress are you wearing to the festival? I was thinking of a long rustic looking skirt with a peasant blouse. (Nothing extravagant for me!) It depends on if I get the outfit made or not. If not I have a khaki skirt with a plain blouse that will work. Mom said jokingly... Maybe you need to practice your curtsy!!! I'm not too sure about greeting each other with the french kiss! You don't have to worry about commenting back soon...

Only 7 days, 6 hours, 15 mins, and 25 seconds....Ha ha ha...

Love you sis,



Maybe you should wait to start this year's chemistry till AFTER we met!

Jessica said...

Cute photos! The lab kit looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures remind me of the ones in our scrapbook! Nice lab kit! Love and miss ya! Carissa


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