Monday, December 27, 2010

Stand Amazed

What does it take to amaze you?
Is it a person’s incredible intellect and mental capacity?
To solve deep mysteries and discover new technologies?
Creativity and skill? Accomplishments?
Watching a beautiful sunset over snow-capped mountains?
I find it interesting that not everyone’s amazement
level is peaked by the same things.

A new do-dad of technological advancement may be just
what every teenager ‘needs’, but to others it’s just a
new toy on the shelf, soon to be outshone again.
Two people watching the sunrise may appreciate it,
but one soon wishes to do something else while
the other still can’t get enough of the view.
To one, a new tune of music may just be another song
added to the bunch of them. But to a musician,
it may be their very breath and emotion,
as they can only sit back and soak in each and every note.

What’s the difference?
It was the same song, the same sunrise, the same technology.
Why did it amaze only some?

Some people actually stop to think about what’s important to them.
Some people actually stand back and look at what is really there.
Some people are too caught up in real life,
things of this world, and the things of tomorrow.
They’re so busy reaching for things they long to have,
that they miss enjoying the things that are right in front of them.
How many times is that the sad condition of God’s children!

Are we caught up in all the blessings the Lord is giving us,
that we forget to cherish the Giver?
Am I too worried about the situations rising up against me
that I forget to trust in the One Who promises to lead me through it?
Do I look to the future, think of what I want to do
and not even consider the plan of the One Who made me for a purpose?
Many times we even long for love and a romantic relationship,
and ditch the perfect, holy, unconditional, & eternal Love right there.

If I were to tell you that Jesus left heavenly riches
to come to earth, suffer as a human being, die in your place
so that you could live in heaven… would you be amazed by that?
Well, duh! I’m saved, of course I’m amazed.
Are you still? Were you really?
Just reading about that should bring tears to one’s eyes.
I’m convicted myself, since I should have made so many
mistakes typing that statement from trembling hands,
blurred eyes from weeping, and overwhelming conviction
that it should have brought to me.

How was it when you got saved?
Did you feel like falling on your face and worshipping God?
Did it move you enough to surrender every desire,
every dream, every decision to His perfect plan?
That’s what should come when we actually look at salvation.
But you know what?
That’s not the end of my amazing God!
Something so amazing, I can’t even comprehend this:

Not only did He make a way of salvation for me,
He made it with no cost from me.
He paid everything. He doesn’t require anything.
But He does have a perfect plan for you since before birth.
This plan, instead of containing all the pain and suffering we deserve,
He planned it to be full of joy, peace, and love!
He has a wonderful life in store for us!
A personal relationship with Him!
A reason and purpose to live!
But, He loves me so much,
that He’s not going to force me to have this great gift.
I have a choice.
Even if I choose not to accept His plan for me,
He still leaves the opportunity there and continues to call me.
He never gives up on me!
If I start to stray, He loves me enough to chastise me,
accept the anger from me, and still lovingly woo me to Him again.
What have I done to deserve such grace?
I’ve done everything possible and so much more NOT to deserve it!
Yet He still not only offers it, He BEGS me to accept it!
Now isn’t that AMAZING?!

I often have to stop and ask myself,
“What do I get amazed by?
What is important to me?
What am I living for?”

It’s fun to dream about things.
It’s easy to worry about things.
But we all have to make a decision.
Am I going to spend my life worrying about real life
and dreaming of a life that might never be?
Or will I take the Lord’s hand as He guides me into my future,
trust Him to work out the current situations,
and stand still in amazement of my Beloved Creator?

I encourage you, especially as this new year is coming around,
stand still and be amazed at your God. Don’t forget Him.
Don’t get caught up in material goals or plans for this year.
Seek first His Kingdom and His fellowship,
then stand amazed at Who He is and What He does.

"Stand ye still and see the salvation of the LORD...
Fear not nor be dismayed... for the LORD will be with you."
2 Chronicles 20:17

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