Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Luggage!

Today I received a package with a gift from Gramma and Papa.
Gramma had been telling me she was ordering my luggage
for the past couple of weeks, and today it arrived!!
I just love the capacious sizes and colors of this 7-piece set:

I'm really looking forward to using them in only 5 weeks!
Thank you, Grandmama and Papa!!
This was such a blessing to me!


Anonymous said...

So glad they arrived..Now I still have a garment bag,back pack I have to mail,hope to do so by next week..I Love you and miss all of ya's so much..better start packing..
grandma jeannie

Abigail Schoorl said...

How sweet of your grandma to send you these luggage. They look so nice altogether, and green is a nice pick. That duffel bag is very handy for travelers, as you can stuff as much as you want, since it's expandable. I wish you all the luck in your journey, Alexandra.

Yon Vann said...

Those are really nice gifts from your grandma and papa. I think this 7-piece set of luggage is quite expensive, and that just shows how your grandparents love you very much. They know that you really need these. Anyway, enjoy your every journey with these luggage. ->Yon Vann


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