Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Past Few Weeks... Home, Park, Maxwell Conference, and Fun

WOW! I apologize for hardly posting lately.
I'm sure you can all relate... it's a busy time of year.
I thought I'd catch up and share some pictures (and a video!)
of a few of the many things that have been going on.

A big highlight was, that my sister's 7th birthday was Sunday...

One of her gifts was this dress she picked out fabric for.
She also played "Twinkle Little Star" with 2 others
at a master class a few weeks ago...

I love watching children grow up! It's so bittersweet.

A couple weeks ago, Stephani spent the night
and we decided to do some photography.
That Saturday was "National Speak Like A Pirate Day",

so we decided to let the weirdness come out in us
with makeup, clothes, and the camera :-)



After we took showers, we thought we'd try
making nice lady-like poses...



Last Friday was park day.
Here's a collage mom made...

Top: The kids playing dominoes
Middle: Stephani and I posing for tree pictures
Bottom: Carolynne with a caterpillar she found

Here are the pics Stephani and I got up the tree...



Also, we had some fun with her dog...


And as I mentioned before, we went to a conference
by the Maxwells this past Monday.
I finished this crochet project on the way there...


I really enjoyed Sarah's young ladies' class as
well as Christopher's evangelism session.
Afterward, they all blessed us with some nice
bluegrass gospel music...

The children and their friends watching...

Here are the Maxwells after they finished...

Afterwards, our family stayed to fellowship
until the church was closing!
I enjoyed getting to know everyone!

(Mom wrote the commentary on the pics)

We didn't get home until about midnight :)
It was a great time of fellowship and fun.
Very encouraging and edifying!

This week, the children have been working on school...
Carolynne's learning to read.
Here she is writing some letters...

Beth working in her Language book...

Will sat reading some books for his History...

Also, Will sat reading some books to the young girls...

And I've been very busy composing arrangements
with all my instruments for my and Stephani's next cd...

(I'm recording each instrument separately
and then putting them together.

We're having piano, acoustic guitar, steel guitar,
banjo, fiddle, and electric bass from the keyboard)

We hope to get our first cd out by the New Year!!

Well, I hope you are all having a great week!


Rachel said...

Hello Alexandra! :D I didn't remember that you guys liked the Maxwell's! So do we! :D We haven't been to one of their conferences in a few years but we follow their family blog all the time. :) That's so great that you could go meet them! I know, I LOVED Sarah's talk so much as well! :) We switched to wearing dresses after their conference. :) Thanks for sharing the video for their playing! I think their music has improved some since the conference we went to (besides the little bit of mess-ups I mean). ;) Our family sings together too, so I can understand that. We don't play instruments AND sing, just sing, so I really commend them for doing that! Whew, that MUST be hard! :D

How far did you drive to get to the conference? (and btw, I love the hat!)


Miss Eyebright said...

Oooh! Recording sounds like so much fun. Recently we got to see how a southern gospel song writer records his songs, and it sounds just like the way that you are doing it!

Your friend,
Miss Eyebright

HIS daughter said...

Hey Alexandra!
Looks like the conference was a ton of fun :) I love the pictures of you and your friend. I think it must be a girl thing to get together and then dress up and then take pics :) I love doing it with my girlfriends at least :)
That is so neat about your cd! WOW! What an awesome oppurtunity! Can hardly wait to hear it! :)
Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birtday to your sister! She is too cute! I love the pictures from the tree...I really like pictures like that and I don't know why, lol! I loved the video! :) Thanks for much for sharing.

Alli said...

I really enjoyed the Maxwell conference as well. I actually learned a few things. I am hoping to get a keyboard piano for Christmas, and learn to play guitar from there. I hope you have a great week as well.



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