Monday, October 20, 2008

How Can I Smile?

How can I smile
when my heart aches
And I am lonely and sad?
Because my Saviour
has entered my life
And He can make me glad.

How can I smile when my life seems
A burden too great to bear?
Because my heavenly Father is here,
Awaiting my burdens to share.

How can I smile when I'm bereft
Of much that life holds dear?
Because, though earthly friends forsake,
My heavenly Father is near.

How can I smile when sorrow and pain
Are a part of my daily life?
Because a loving hand is stretched
To help me bear the strife.

How can I smile when home and love
Are taken away from me?
Because my Saviour send His Spirit
A comfort and guide to be.

And so I can smile from day to day
Though sorrow and loss I bear,
For Jesus, my Saviour, knows and loves;
I am ever in His care.

-Florence B. Hodgdon

1 comment:

Autumn said...

That is a really pretty poem.


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