Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...

Today we had a Nor'Easter intruding.
There was a tornado warning earlier
and we all sat around in the hallway for about 45 minutes.
I thank the Lord He answered our prayers and protected us!

Last week, though, we did have a few nice days of sunshine.
We took advantage of the weather and went to the ocean.
Here are the beautiful autumn Atlantic waves we enjoyed...

The children were excited to get their feet in the water...

Mom and I enjoyed sitting up on the shore,
reading and savoring the breezes and sounds of waves...

But I have to say my favorite thing at the beach
(besides the view of the water) is the sea oats!

These things are so cute and they seem to sing in the breeze!

Last Saturday we went to our friends' house
and surprised Mrs.C with a morning visit for her birthday!
We had a great time fellowshipping and had a nice time of tea.
Stephani and I enjoyed having a spot of tea with the moms.
Or should I say, a pot of tea! (several, actually!)
My mom recently got something called "Blooming tea".
It's very fascinating as you drop a 'tea ball'
into boiling water and it forms into a flower
while making green tea!
The flower is edible and it's very interesting to watch!

We tried quite a few different blooms...

The children enjoyed watching it bloom out of the ball too...

The tea tasted, particularly, good to me
that I didn't even need to add any sweetening!
(I usually need sugar, honey, and creamer!)

It was very fun to watch the flowers bloom
and to drink the tea it made!

This week we had revival at church with Dr. D.M Hardison.
It was a wonderful time of preaching and a visitor got saved!
Revival was definately refreshing to my soul

and revived my spirit!

Lately I've really been fiddling and playing my,
(as our assistant pastor says), my 'one man bluegrass band' ;)
violin, guitar, and banjo.
I like to arrange hymns with my guitar, banjo, and fiddle.
Unfortunately, I can't play them all at once,
so I sometimes record the separate parts

and put them together.
I've also been playing a few Irish jigs on my fiddle.
Maybe I'll record it and post it sometime.

Tomorrow holds, Lord willing,

a rainy day with our 'Friday Friends'.
Well, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

"What shall I render unto the LORD
for all his benefits toward me?"
Psalms 116:12


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I enjoyed reading about the sea outing, tea, friends, and music! It sounds like fun! The music is so pretty on this site too!

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed reading your post!! I wish I was at the ocean right now:) Beautiful pictures! Have a blessed weekend!!

amanda said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a lovely time at the ocean. If all works out right, my family and I may be able to squeeze in one more trip to the beach ourselves this year. :-)

Have a nice weekend!


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