Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Farewell to Cutes

I'm so very sad to say that my precious
Cutes (the blue one) was not a healthy bird.
I noticed that she tended to pluck her
feathers out, breathe with her mouth open,
and not like to hop around.
Today I noticed she had a red and puffy eye
and that she was itching it against the perch.
I called the vet and he said it sounds like she
had a respiratory infection and needed to be treated.
I don't have the money to take her to the vet,
so I had to exchange her for another parakeet.
(Thankfully there's a 7 day warranty on them.)
I felt so bad and sad giving her back and
knowing that she's suffering. :( :(

Now that I've been able to read about how to tell
if a parakeet is healthy or not,
I chose a (hopefully) healthy new one.
I was going to name her Cutes in honor of the last one,
but she looked like something different...

I love her white colors!
So I took to naming her Fluff.

So now I own Fluff and Puff.

Fluff is still a bit shy in her new home,
but is a great singer and loves Puff!
Puff is still as lively as ever.
He's such a singer too!


Rebekah said...

Aww, sorry to hear about Cutes. At least you were able to remedy the problem without having to spend any more money. :-) God is sure good!

~ the nameless one ~

Kim said...

I'm so sorry about your bird! But the new one is pretty too!

Rebekah said...

Hey there, missed y'all today. Have fun - I'm going to assume you took Fluff-n-Puff with you. You know, I'm gonna have to find a new accompaniast now :-p

Have a fun summer! Oh, I was going to bring this tomorrow, but since you won't be here, I'll tell ya now. I was looking through one of my old hymnals (1926) and found a couple songs that made me think of you. "There's Not a Bird with Lonely Nest" - talks about the birds being in God's care and also "Sweet and Clear the Birds Are Singing" - which is more geared towards Easter, rather fun sounding. And of course, I tabbed them ;-)

Anyways, just wanted to share. We're keeping you in our prayers.

~the nameless one

P.S. - you now realize who I have to share my music stand with, right? :-)

Rebekah said...

oh I forgot to mention - the ribs were great! :-D

Autumn said...

Sorry about Cutes! She was cute!
But I think that the new one is cuter. Personally, I dislike birds...but I bet that you will love yours!

brittanyrose said...

Hey Ally!
I just LOVE your birds!!!! I am going to get one for a birthday present, but I decided to wait until the addition's done. (That way it will be easier to clean and such).

You know since my dad is a Heating and Air tech guy, he gets to see lots of houses. In this one house he saw (and heard!) a bird that was singing the 'Andy Griffith' theme song. It was pretty neat! LOL

lOvE yOu GaL!

The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
So sorry to hear about the sad situation with your cutes. But glad you got to get a new one to love!

Have a great week!



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