Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finished school, picking strawberries, dress details, & my first bloom!

Busy, busy, busy!
That's why I haven't been very consistent with posting.
But now that I'm finished with 11th grade (!!!!),
the busyness should die down some.
(Although I do hope to start 12th in a month or so!)

Earlier this week, we went strawberry picking.
The weather was beautiful and we had a great time...

My friend and I

Beth and Carolynne



Afterwards we went to our friends' house to jam it.
Well, actually just the moms jammed.
My friend and I were exhausted and decided to rest
and then we sang a while later.
The jam turned out really good...

I was also very excited this week to have my first blossom.
I've never been able to grow things before,
but back in November I decided to try my hand at day lilies
(at least I'm pretty sure they're day lilies).
I've been taking care of them every day since,
and on Wednesday I saw my first bloom!
I was so happy the Lord blessed me with my 1st flower!

It was so pretty and smelled good too!
I'm glad to say that today I found 2 more
and lots more are about to bloom!

Recently, I was asked in a comment
about what dress pattern I use.
I make most of my dresses the same,
using the 'Women's square neck dress'
from Common Sense patterns. It's pattern 416E.
I adjust the neckline and the sleeves to my liking.
Also, I do not use the skirt pattern it gives.
I like my skirts really full! (Mine have a 12 foot hem!)
So I use the 6 panel medieval skirt pattern from NEWLOOK.
It's pattern 6614.
I slightly adjust the top of the skirt to make it wider
for more gathering to my bodice
and I also add on 4 inches in length.
Here's another sample of the dress.
My friend and I just recently made ourselves matching ones...

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!
I plan to post again soon!

"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation:
the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."
Matthew 26:41


Eyebright said...


You must have some very talented photographers in your family, because those pictures of you all picking strawberries are beautiful! It also looks like you had a LOT of fun!

Your dress pattern is very pretty. Do you wear dresses all the time, or do you wear skirts too? I prefer skirts, but I like your dresses very much.

Have a very bright, very cheerful day!

Melody said...

A 12 foot hem? Wow! That's a lot of material, but it sure is beautiful.

You're right about your flowers - it is a daylily. It's beautiful. I have some that are just a little bit darker red than yours. They're so pretty!

Alesha said...

Your daylily is beautiful! I have some great big dark orange ones here at my new house and they are just gorgeous too. I looked it up online and you can propagate your lily yourself if you want to.

Don't pinch the blossoms when they fade. Let them fall off by themselves. You'll notice the part right underneath the petals is like a little pod. It will get bigger and bigger and then one day will split open. Inside are the seeds for more lilies.

The info I read suggested you pinch them off when they just start to pop open and take them inside and hang them upside down in a dry place. I placed mine inside a baggie. Now as they continue to open, I am catching the seeds. It's very cool!

Well, that was just something I learned recently and thought I'd share it.

Enjoy your gardening!
Mrs. Alesha

Amanda said...

Thank you for posting about the dress patterns. I think I'm going to try making the Common Sense one with slightly longer sleeves myself.

The strawberry picking looks like so much fun and your hat is delightful.

Autumn said...

Congrats on finishing 11th grade!
It looks like you had a lot of fun picking strawberries. You look nice in your hat! I love homemade jam!
I like how you mix the 2 different patterns together. Very clever!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures, they are so good:) Congrats on finishing 11th grade!! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun picking strawberries, it looked fun:)Love the dresses,there so pretty:)God bless and have a good week!!

The Sisters said...

Hi Alexandra,
Thanks for commenting on our blog!
Those are great pictures!
Looks like fun. Congratulations on completing the 11th grade and good luck on starting the 12th!

~Have a great day!

brittanyrose said...

Yaaa!!! Your done with 11th grade.... WHOOPEE!!!! We still have a ways to go before I'm finished with 11th grade... LOL!!!

What a coincedince, I'm reading out of Jeremiah in my Bible right now, too! I just finished Leviticus a while back.

Thanks SOO much for the comment!!!! Love you Ally-O.....


princess0479 said...

Hello dear Alexandra..:)

I'm a first time visitor to your wonderful blog, i found your blog through Jennifer's blog's link..:)
i really enjoyed reading about your life and looking through the beautiful photos of your family, friends and I absolutely LOVED the photo of the Daylily..and of the dove and birds in the earlier have inspired me very much with your purity, innocence, spirituality, and with your modest's so refreshing to go onto a page and see it filled with light and with journal entries written by you to bring God glory. Your blog is truly a blessing to others.
And so refreshing...keep up the good work!
And your modest dresses are so nice and definitely glorify God.

Let me quickly tell you more about myself, I'm older, but still young at heart, lol i am 29, single not married, hope to find that right Christian God fearing man someday, and I work part-time at a store, i am a cashier, i go to college part-time as well, i live with my parents..and i thank God for them allowing me to still reside with them..i think they are amazing!!
I also love to learn new things and lovvve to travel..i'll be honest i dress in modern clothes, But i still do my best to bring God glory with the way i dress, i wear pants and skirts, but i dress modestly...i do everything in my power to not be a temptation to my fellow brothers..I think God helps me with that :)
I also love flowers like you, i love writing poetry, drawing, haven't done that in awhile, but i love Art-great paintings, and i love to read, good books and the bible...i am hoping to do a 3 month study of the whole bible this summer..wish me luck :)

All right Alexandra, i will shusshh now, i am so sorry this was soo long, i just wanted to tell you more about myself and to let you know that i enjoyed your blog immensely and to tell you that your blog is a blessing to so many..:)
And your first flower that bloomed is sooo beautiful..:)

well honey, have a great marvelous day!
Talk soon i hope!

You can always drop me a note if you want at

P.S. I love the clock on your page that's a good reminder not to waste any precious time..:)

God bless you always!
To God be all glory!

PTL(Praise the Lord)

In Him, Jane K.

Amanda Grace said...

Hi Ally,

Congratulations on finishing 11th grade!

Your strawberry picking photos are great! I love your big floppy hat. It reminds me of Jo's in Little Women (which I happen to be reading right now *grin*).

We have a strawberry patch in our garden, and lately I've been trying to stay on top of picking. We have a lot of berries this year! There's almost nothing quite as good as a sun-warmed berry. :-)

Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

victoria said...

wow---your dresses are so beautiful. i sew as well and would like to know how to get that pattern or a similar one. i'm always very modes t but am trying to reclame our past as beautiful ladies in an era when christainity was widely accepted. my wardrobe is mostly long pants and t-shirts but i want to wear dresses and as a military family that transition is hard as far as money for material...can you please give me some tips and pointers as to best places to shop for fabric and patterns?

god bless-
Victoria Elyse


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